Recreate red carpet Golden Globe looks

Abbey Whittington, Staff Reporter


Once again, the red carpet was rolled out for the Hollywood stars as the entertainers waited to be crowned for their work during the 73rd Golden Globe Awards.

While the awards focus on the best films and actors/actresses, another important aspect of the show is waiting to see what everyone wore.

Every year these celebrities put on a stunning fashion show with crisp, classy suits and extravagant gowns.

But the real question is, how do we get our hands on this couture designer clothing? As students we probably can’t get our hands on these couture designer clothing, but there is a way to take a fashion concept and make it into your own.

Jaimie Alexander of The Blindspot in Genny 

Jaimie didn’t take the typical black dress route for the red carpet. Instead, she chose a gown that is truly a work of art. From the deep v neck-line, to the metallic colors and patterns, this dress catches the eye for being interesting as well as formal.

Transforming the Look 

To apply this fierce look to an everyday outfit simply take the colors used in the dress.

When putting together an outfit, look for metallic colors like the ones found in the gown.

It dose not have to be emerald green, but it can be plum purples or a burgundy maroon. Incorporating a similar pattern with geometric shapes is another way to recreate something just as glamorous and sassy.

These patterns and colors might be found on any article of clothing, and the concept might even be found on certain accessories. Pairing these elements with black makes for a fun and edgy look.

Amber Heard of The Rum Diary in Gucci 

On the other side of the fashion spectrum is Heard’s romantic, elegant and classy gown. The dress is simple with peach and pink chiffon to match the floral neckline along with her red pout lipstick.

Heard’s look is simple, yet captures the essence of any magical fairy tale .

Transforming the Look 

First thing’s first. Get the red lipstick because outfit won’t be complete without it.

Once you’ve gotten that down, start looking for the colors in the gown to accent the red lipstick.

There are many ways to recreate the mood of this outfit whether it’s following the color scheme, floral patterns, or the flowy silhouette of the dress.

A white blouse with a red or pink floral statement necklace paired with a peach colored cardigan could be a way to recreate the look.

Jada Pinkett Smith of Gotham in Atelier Versace 

It may be possible that this color green was created just for Jada to slay in. The dress drapes over her, making her look like a fearsome goddess, just like she did as Fish Mooney in Gotham. The dress is eloquent and beautiful, perfect for the red carpet.

Transforming the Look 

In order to recreate this gown, this perfect shade of green does not have to be exactly replicated, but it’s a plus.

Tons of tops have the draped neckline and can go with many different skirts and pants. Also, several skirts and sundresses have a similar slit to show off the legs, or a long-sleeved blouse with the same flowy movements as Jada’s.

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