DIY: How to tailgate, make pom poms on a budget

Jordan Hale, Online Editor

Supplies: scissors, rolls of streamers in different colors, Heavy Duty tape (colored electrical, duct tape, masking tape), string, a cookie sheet How to: Start by cutting about 20 feet of each of the colors of streamers you want in your pom poms.

It will look like a huge mess of streamers, but don’t worry, we will sort them all out. Take the cookie sheet and wrap the streamers around it length wise.

They can be messy and overlapping, it will not matter at the end of the project.

Slide the looped streamers off the cookie sheet, but be sure to keep them in the same big loops as they were while on the sheet.

Take a medium length piece of string and tie it in a few knots in the middle of the loops of streamers.

Cut the end of both sides of the streamers so the pieces won’t be attached and will be loose and bushy.

Make sure not to cut the string at this point, you will need excess later! Pull all the streamers to one side and trim any pieces that may be longer than the rest and out of place.

To make the handle, take a piece of tape and make a hand sized loop with the sticky side facing out.

Take another piece and cover the sticky side, putting both sticky sides together so the handle doesn’t stick to your hand or the streamers.

Finish it up by tying the handle on with the excess string and trimming as needed.

Tailgating on a budget With homecoming quickly approaching, tailgating plans are in the works.

The only thing that worries you is how to throw the best tailgate of all time on a college student’s budget.

These five tips will help you host a great tailgate without breaking the bank.

1. Rather than just setting out bags of chips, utilize the crock pot to make dips that will fill your friends up.

Having chips and dip may not seem like a huge meal, but a taco and buffalo chicken dip make a perfect, cheap alternative to not having enough for your guest to eat.

2. Look for sales around tailgating time on plates, cups, silverware, hotdogs and buns.

Many grocery stores around college campuses will have great deals going on that will provide you with enough food without emptying your pockets.

3. Have different people bring different games.

If you only have one set of bags equipment, have someone else bring a set of theirs to keep your friends entertained. Have people bring blankets and chairs if you don’t have enough.

You are hosting the party after all, it is okay to ask people to bring things they might have at home to help you out a bit.

4. Make your own drinks.

Obviously having soda there is a must, but try getting a drink jug and making a large batch of whatever drink you prefer. Alcoholic or not, this is the best way to make sure no one is thirsty for less money.

5. Have each person bring a dish to have a small buffet with.

You will get a variety of sides and desserts and your friends will be happy to have choices when food time comes around. Jordan Hale can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].