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Editorial: Justice for Jaylan Butler

February 16, 2020

Eastern sophomore Jaylan Butler's life changed forever last February when Butler and the rest of the Eastern swimming team were traveling back to Charleston from the Summit League Championships. When the team us pulled over at a rest stop in East Moline, Illinois, Jaylan got off the bus to stretch...

Column: Kate’s tips on how to burp better, louder s

Kate Rehwinkel, Columnist

February 16, 2020

My column this week is going to be one of the most informative yet. It is a topic that I am an expert in and I feel like I should share my knowledge with the masses. My topic today is burping. Yes, you read that right, burping. If there was such a disorder that makes someone constantly burp, I would...

Column: The Strokes are one-dimensional

Ryan Meyer, Reporter

February 16, 2020

My father knows more about music than anyone I know. I always go to him for questions concerning anything from music theory to the year of release of a Beatles B-side. That being said, I didn’t agree with his opinion of one of my favorite bands, the Strokes. He said that their style was “one-dimensional.”  ...

PODCAST: Stream Fiends (‘THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD S2E5 and 6)

February 16, 2020 This podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts, Anchor and five other platforms! The episode of THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD we're reviewing in this episode of stream fiends is full of confrontations. James confronts Alyssa, Alyssa confronts Todd and Bonnie confronts Alyssa. The great writing that's come to be expected...

STAFF EDITORIAL: CAA should be compliant with OMA

Editorial Staff

February 13, 2020

Eastern’s Council on Academic Affairs, at the behest of University Counsel Laura McLaughlin, is considering an amendment to its bylaws which would no longer subject the CAA to the Illinois Open Meetings Act, and instead would encourage the CAA to function “within the spirit” of the OMA. We at ...

‘Different’ people are still people

Zoë Donovan, Columnist

February 13, 2020

How is that we as a society and culture have come to classify groups of people who simply want to exist and enjoy the same liberties and freedoms as everyone else, and hate groups who believe that people that they see as “other” should be seen as lesser, are ranked at the same level of “radica...

EDITORIAL: NH redeems Iowa’s vote  disaster

February 11, 2020

We all owe the state of New Hampshire a big thank you today for doing accomplishing something very simple, that the state of Iowa made very complicated last week. Successfully conducting a democratic election. It feels odd to congratulate a state on completing a primary, but after what we all wi...

COLUMN: Adopt, do not shop for cats, dogs

Logan Raschke

February 11, 2020

Please, for the love of God, adopt if you want a cat or dog. About 6.5 million companion pets enter animal shelters every year, according to the ASPCA. Out of that startling statistic, dogs and cats make up the vast majority. There isn’t even that big of a difference between how many cats versus ...

OPINION: How to fix the Oscars’ ratings

Adam Tumino

February 11, 2020

And the Academy Award for lowest rated Oscars telecast ever goes to…the 2020 Oscars. Sunday’s Oscars surpassed the 2018 edition for the least-watched Academy Awards of all time, dropping 20 percent from last year’s broadcast. But fans of the awards should not fret. There are multiple ways to rep...

Getting through blue with beta fish

Karena Ozier

February 10, 2020

Fish — an easy pet to have as a child, but the worst to have as an adult. In my house, growing up, we had some fish here and there throughout time, but we never got too into taking care of them. For my family, it seemed impossible to keep a goldfish alive for too long.   After a huge gap in time throughout middle and h...

Award shows are repetitive

Dillan Schorfheide

February 10, 2020

Award shows are truly, truly boring and utterly uninteresting. The Oscars came and went and I honestly could care less about who wins and all the performances and blah blah blah. Ricky Gervais said it best when he hosted the Golden Globes a month ago, saying that the award show could be done in...

STAFF EDITORIAL: NH primary needs to be free of error

Staff Editorial

February 10, 2020

All eyes will be on the New Hampshire presidential primary tomorrow, the same way they were on Iowa just a week before. And we should all cross our fingers and hope New Hampshire goes better than the fiasco of a caucus Iowa gave us.  Our opinion at The Daily Eastern News rests not on who won Iowa,...

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