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Letter from the editor: Our mission for Spring 2020

JJ Bullock, Editor-in-Chief

March 31, 2020

Our mission at The Daily Eastern News has been and always will be to deliver high-quality journalism and reporting to the Eastern campus and community on all things happening at Eastern.   We will continue to bring news to the community for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester, but the...

Column: NCAA Tournament cancelation depressing

Blake Faith, Reporter

March 12, 2020

With spring break approaching and Eastern's extended break because of the widespread fear of COVID-19, I think it comes at the worst possible time. If you’re a college basketball fan, I think you can agree with me that it's so depressing that the NCAA tournament is being canceled. This season has been...

Column: Stop blaming media for COVID-19

Katelyn Eddington, Columnist

March 12, 2020

Please stop blaming the media for doing their job.  Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, better known as the coronavirus, there have been many people blaming the media for several things.  The first thing people are blaming the media for is the lack of supplies in grocery stores.  A prime example of this...

Editorial: Eastern made right choice in moving to online-only classes

March 12, 2020

Eastern announced on Wednesday a sweeping series of decisions in response to the COVID-19 outbreak including the extension of spring break until March 29 and the move to online-only classes when school resumes. Other changes include the cancelation of Eastern’s Spring Concert, cancelation of Greek Week...

Gen ed courses are necessary, important

Zoë Donovan, Columnist

March 12, 2020

Now and again it creeps up in the minds of students, why do English majors need math classes? Why do accounting students need to take sociology classes? Why do we need to take classes that don’t apply to the things that we are studying specifically? The answer we are given is that we need a wellrounded...

My new phone is taking over my life

Megan Keane, Columnist

March 12, 2020

I had the opportunity to upgrade my iPhone SE to an iPhone 8+, and can I be the first to say I shouldn’t have done this. I am sure my suitemate has thought it a bunch in the last couple weeks, but I will be the first to say it: This was a bad decision. A terrible, horrible decision. I’m absolutely...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Do not expose people to illness

Staff Editorial

March 12, 2020

With the coronavirus getting closer to us, it is important that we take the necessary precautions to make sure we do not catch it and that we avoid getting others sick as well. As of now, the university has not made any finite decision, but it seems that it could very well be possible that we shift...

Column: No fans at tournament is good step, but not enough

Adam Tumino, Reporter

March 11, 2020

As COVID-19 spreads more and more across the country and the nation, it is beginning to affect nearly every aspect of life. The world of sports has had to make adjustments as a result of the virus, mostly in other countries. But now American sports are having to deal with it as well. The NCAA announ...

Editorial: Early voting is an option for us all

March 10, 2020

Election Day for the general primary election is on Tuesday, March 17. Most of us plan to vote that day at our local polling place, but there is another option that may be more convenient. With Election Day falling during spring break, some students will be gone on vacation and may not be able to...

Column: 2 leads star in ‘I am not Okay with This’

Logan Raschke, Managing Editor

March 10, 2020

Sophia Lillis, who plays Sydney in Netflix’s “I am not Okay with This,” is joined by Wyatt Oleff, who plays Stanley, to make a perfect kinship in a teenage-angst-filled, unforgiving, yet beautiful world where superpowers exist. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the organic chemistry of...

Satire | Column: I will defeat Coronavirus for all

Adam Tumino, Columnist

March 10, 2020

Our entire planet is being held hostage by an invisible and seemingly invincible foe: the coronavirus (COVID-19). It is wreaking havoc across the globe, causing the stock market to plummet and spreading fear through communities.  It’s about time someone stopped this thing. That someone is me.  ...

STAFF EDITORIAL: CAA’s OMA vote was right decision

Staff Editorial

March 9, 2020

Eastern’s Council on Academic Affairs voted unanimously at its Thursday meeting last week to reject a bylaw change that would make it no longer subject to the Illinois Open Meetings Act. The proposed bylaw change was a controversial one, in which we at The Daily Eastern News expressed our disagreement w...

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