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Guest Column: You can cancel Stephen Douglas or you can cancel Black people

Christopher Hanlon, Guest Columnist April 27, 2021

Things got a little weird toward the end of the most recent meeting of EIU’s Naming Committee when committee Chair Angie Campbell described those who favor renaming Douglas Hall as an instance of “cancel...

Letter to the Editor: Be aware of others’ struggles, hard times during pandemic

Julie Walters March 30, 2021

This letter was submitted by Julie Walters. This past year has been a time of loss for many people. In addition to losing loved ones, life has unexpectedly changed. Some people are considered essential...

Letter to the Editor: Change the name of Douglas Hall

February 5, 2021

This letter was submitted by members of the Committee on Latinx Recruitment and Retention. The Committee on Latinx Recruitment and Retention wholeheartedly agrees with the History Department’s January...

Letter to the Editor: Douglas Hall needs to be renamed

January 29, 2021

This letter was submitted by the faculty of the Eastern History Department. Our department began talking about the renewed call to rename Douglas Hall last summer, against the backdrop of the protests...

Letter to the Editor: We need to rely on logic, facts

John Bickford January 12, 2021

This letter was submitted by Eastern Social Studies\History Education Professor John Bickford. I believe in logic, evidence, and expertise. There is no dispute that the elections were fair and secure;...

Letter to the Editor: Tips for 1st-time voters this election

October 13, 2020

This letter was submitted by Charleston resident Duke Bagger. Many of your students are first-time voters. There have been some items thrown out there to make them think twice about voting. Please assure...

Letter to the Editor: Vote yes on Fair Tax Amendment

October 8, 2020

This letter was submitted by Charleston resident Ellen Wolcott. Current students may not realize this, but the amount of state money that has gone into funding higher education has dropped by more than...

Letter to the Editor: Response to 2020 EIU Homecoming Theme

September 29, 2020

This letter was submitted by the 2020 EIU Homecoming Student Steering Committee and the 2020 EIU Homecoming Advisory Committee. In recent days, representatives of the EIU Homecoming Steering Committee...

Letter to the editor: Eastern administration must be held accountable for handling of sexual assault cases

Jack Cruikshank May 18, 2020

This letter was submitted by Jack Cruikshank. A little less than three weeks ago, former Eastern soccer player Malorie Henderlong posted a video on YouTube where she explained she was sexually assaulted...

DEN at Home: Letter from Jose

DEN at Home: Letter from Jose “Kyle” Ignalaga

Jose Ignalaga April 21, 2020

My name is Jose Leo Carmona Ignalaga, but my friends call me Kyle. Currently, I am a second semester junior, and I am a computer information technology major as well as a digital media minor. Prior...

DEN at Home: Letter from Nate Carlson

DEN at Home: Letter from Nate Carlson

Nate Carlson April 19, 2020

There are few moments in our lifetimes when we experience a collective reality- moments when the veil of self is torn away, when the simulation crashes, when we realize our lives are so desperately and...

DEN at Home: Letter from Elijah Snyder

DEN at Home: Letter from Elijah Snyder

Elijah Snyder April 19, 2020

My name is Elijah Snyder, and I am a senior majoring in TV and video production and I am a photo journalist for the DEN. One of the things I was assigned to do this semester was to create, film, and...

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