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Editorial: We must change to save climate

February 25, 2020

The effects of climate change are becoming unavoidable and potentially “catastrophic,” according to a report produced by the National Security, Military and Intelligence Panel on Climate Change. It’s time to stop denying the dangers of climate change. It’s time to start lobbying for laws that...

Editorial: Weinstein finally held accountable

February 24, 2020

With Harvey Weinstein's guilty conviction in a New York courtroom on Monday, victims all over the world are celebrating. Weinstein, a Hollywood studio mogul, was convicted on charges stemming from a sexual assault that occurred in 2006 and a rape that occurred in 2013, as the Associated Press report...

Editorial: It’s time to take Sanders seriously

February 23, 2020

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won the Nevada democratic caucus, and by quite a large margin. Sanders won with 29 percent of white voters, 51 percent of hispanics, 27 percent of blacks and 65 percent of voters under 30 years old. He did not narrowly win in Nevada, but he won by a lot, a took large c...

STAFF EDITORIAL: China needs to be more transparent

Staff Editorial

February 20, 2020

We at The Daily Eastern News believe that China should not only be more transparent and forthcoming about the COVID-19, but they should not be switching policies that count COVID-19 patients because it will cause more confusion, controversy and panic.  By silencing Dr. Li Wenliang and expelling three jou...

Keep hate messages off campus

Staff Editorial

February 20, 2020

Plastic bags filled with a rock and a poster decorated with a swastika that reads “White Power. Get Some!” were left around Eastern’s campus on Wednesday, a majority of which were found in Eastern’s Greek Court. To whomever left these hateful messages around our campus, we at The Daily Eastern...

Editorial: Illinoisans should pump own gas

February 18, 2020

Illinoisans should be allowed to pump their own gas, and we at The Daily Eastern News believe it will likely stay that way. Illinois House Bill 4571 would enact that no gas may be pumped at a gas station unless it is pumped by an attendant employed at the gas station, which means people wouldn’t be abl...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Eastern should support Butler

Staff Editorial

February 17, 2020

Eastern swimmer Jaylan Butler and the ACLU filed a lawsuit against police officers for an incident that occurred last February, in which police officers pinned Butler to the ground, placed him under arrest, held guns on him and threatened to “blow his f****** head off” if he moved. This is according...

Editorial: Justice for Jaylan Butler

February 16, 2020

Eastern sophomore Jaylan Butler's life changed forever last February when Butler and the rest of the Eastern swimming team were traveling back to Charleston from the Summit League Championships. When the team us pulled over at a rest stop in East Moline, Illinois, Jaylan got off the bus to stretch...

STAFF EDITORIAL: CAA should be compliant with OMA

Editorial Staff

February 13, 2020

Eastern’s Council on Academic Affairs, at the behest of University Counsel Laura McLaughlin, is considering an amendment to its bylaws which would no longer subject the CAA to the Illinois Open Meetings Act, and instead would encourage the CAA to function “within the spirit” of the OMA. We at ...

EDITORIAL: NH redeems Iowa’s vote  disaster

February 11, 2020

We all owe the state of New Hampshire a big thank you today for doing accomplishing something very simple, that the state of Iowa made very complicated last week. Successfully conducting a democratic election. It feels odd to congratulate a state on completing a primary, but after what we all wi...

STAFF EDITORIAL: NH primary needs to be free of error

Staff Editorial

February 10, 2020

All eyes will be on the New Hampshire presidential primary tomorrow, the same way they were on Iowa just a week before. And we should all cross our fingers and hope New Hampshire goes better than the fiasco of a caucus Iowa gave us.  Our opinion at The Daily Eastern News rests not on who won Iowa,...

Editorial: Streaming changing how we consume

February 9, 2020

More and more consumers are ditching their cable subscriptions, which cost about $107 a month on average, and spending their money on lower-cost streaming alternatives, such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and Disney+. This change is completely shifting the way adults consume media and entertainment. Adults...

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