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Column: Venturing into new music has benefits

Ryan Meyer April 20, 2021

Lately I’ve been getting into a bunch of music genres that basically all end in -wave, like vaporwave, chillwave and synthwave. The best way I can describe this type of music without consulting Wikipedia...

Column: Chauvin verdict a landmark moment

Destiny Blanchard April 20, 2021

On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was murdered. We all remember the video or at least know what happened during it. The police were called over an allegedly counterfeit $20 bill, and this resulted in officer...

Column: ‘After Hours’ a hidden gem by Martin Scorsese

Adam Tumino April 19, 2021

Martin Scorsese has made so many great films in his career it is hard to believe that there is a film he made in the middle of his illustrious career that I had never even heard of. It is 1985’s “After...

Column: Emergency facilities not useful in the long-term

Lindsey Ulrey April 18, 2021

March brought the highest number of migrant children stopped at the United States border. Agents for U.S. Customs and Border Protection apprehended around 172,000 people, according to Biden administration...

Column: Yet another police shooting makes us face harsh reality

Gillian Eubanks April 15, 2021

On Sunday, a young man named Daunte Wright was killed in the suburb of Brooklyn Center near Minneapolis. Wright was pulled over for having air fresheners hanging on his rearview mirror and driving a car...

Column: Dry Cleaning puts out great new album

Ryan Meyer April 14, 2021

A band that I’ve had in the back of my head for a while now recently released their first album. Dry Cleaning, a London indie rock band, came out with their debut record, “New Long Leg,” on April...

Column: One Direction deserved more respect

Kyara Morales-Rodriguez April 14, 2021

One Direction is a boyband that is very near and dear to my heart. I remember the first few days One Direction infection began spreading. Little 6th grade me stood around a circle with all of my girl...

Column: Return to normal comes with shootings

Destiny Blanchard April 13, 2021

America is slowly getting back to normal. Back to normal for us Americans means going out, spending time with friends, and overall enjoying things that we didn't get to because of the pandemic. Despite...

Column: Thank you to those who came before me

Corryn Brock April 13, 2021

At the end of the semester, I will have worked for The Daily Eastern News for three academic years. Over the three years I have been here I have learned so much from how to write a story about the Board...

Column: White Sox, Cubs fans have best broadcasts in baseball

Adam Tumino April 12, 2021

Chicago baseball fans have been lucky in recent years. The Cubs are coming off a stretch where they were one of the best teams in baseball. They seem to be on the decline right now, but still have players...

Column: Pressure for gun plan badly needed, helpful

Lindsey Ulrey April 11, 2021

Biden announced Thursday in the White House Rose Garden in front of an audience of lawmakers and advocates for stricter gun laws that gun violence is an epidemic, and he laid out a plan aimed to fix it. According...

Column: Derek Chauvin’s trial will hopefully deliver justice

Gillian Eubanks April 8, 2021

As we are approaching almost a year since George Floyd’s death, his accused killer Derek Chauvin is on trial. Watching the trial footage is moving. I teared up hearing the witness testimonies. I can’t...

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