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Column: A fight with a cactus is a fight you cannot win

January 26, 2021

There are many dates in history that are important for a variety of reasons. Some dates become synonymous with certain events that occurred on them and the lessons we learn from those events. One such...

Column: Biden’s immigration plan to undo Trump’s exclusions

January 24, 2021

There is a huge demand for asylum protection in the United States. Biden has promised more welcoming immigration policies that will allow more immigrants to seek asylum within U.S. borders. According...

Column: Tips for dealing with the stress of being in your 20s

January 21, 2021

I have found that both myself and my peers share many of the same anxieties about our twenties. First of all, most of us are trying to find ourselves, what we want to do with our lives, where we want to...

Column: Conspiracies that I believe are true

January 20, 2021

Donald Trump is out of office, and after years of bizarre conspiracy theories surrounding him, conspiracy fever seemed to reach a high point in the last several weeks. Now that Trump is out, conspiracies...

Column: Chloe x Halle have grown as artists

January 20, 2021

The singing duo composed of sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey, Chloe x Halle, have had a very successful career in just a couple of years. They started by taking minor roles in films and now they are Grammy-nominated...

Column: ‘Drunk Tank Pink’ a great new album

January 19, 2021

London post-punk band shame have kicked off 2021 with a fantastic second record, “Drunk Tank Pink.” It’s been three years since the release of their debut record “Songs of Praise,” and the follow-up...

Column: Marvel fans should see ‘WandaVision’

January 19, 2021

Last Friday the first two episodes of Marvel’s “WandaVision” were released on Disney Plus. For the many fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe like myself, it’s nice to see some MCU content after...

Column: Unique challenges await Biden at inauguration

January 18, 2021

Joe Biden will have the challenge on Wednesday of addressing a deeply divided nation and trying to bring them together. This may be a bigger challenge due to how different this inauguration will be compared...

Column: Respondus is a dystopian nightmare

January 15, 2021

Online classes are breaking down the barriers between school time and personal time, in some ways more innocuous than others. We’ve all noticed it; weekends don’t feel like weekends because school...

Column: Keep an open mind toward aliens

January 15, 2021

Last December, Donald Trump signed a coronavirus relief bill that amounted to $2.3 trillion, according to an article written by Harmeet Kaur at CNN. But did you know that there was a section in this bill...

Column: Selfishness is upsetting to see during a pandemic

January 13, 2021

This past year has been incredibly tough on everyone, with the coronavirus pandemic affecting our day-to-day lives. People across the world have lost their jobs, homes or lives due to this deadly virus...

Column: Capitol riots show double standard

January 13, 2021

Last Wednesday, Jan. 6 the U.S. endured an attack on our capital that will be written in history books. This attack has cycled the news every day since it happened. As I watched the events unfold something...

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