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COLUMN: Journalism is not just for journalism majors


The field of journalism is a lot broader than what people normally think. 

When I first joined The News my freshman year, I did not think I would be sitting here writing my last column as a second-year editor. 

I am an education major. What does journalism have to do with teaching? A lot.  

I cannot tell you how much journalism and the act of putting pen to paper, well finger to the keys, can do for one’s advocacy skills.  

I have learned so much about what putting your thoughts down on paper and sharing it can do to other people. 

Over the years as an editor and columnist, I have gotten random emails from people saying how my columns have impacted them. 

One was a school district saying to check them out when I got done with college. Another one was a nursing professor saying that my flu shot column helped get the word out. 

Journalism is a lot more than reporting on a story or watching the news on TV.  

One thing taught in special education is advocacy.  If there is not a better place than journalism to use advocacy skills, I do not know where else would be better. 

I have written countless columns on education and have a call to action for a change in the system.  

Now, sometimes it is just my mom liking it on The News’s Facebook page, but sometimes it gains traction and starts a conversation.  

Remember the great debate on whether band was a sport or not? It was a simple discussion, but it got people talking.  

That is what good journalism can do. It can get people talking.  

Journalism is not just for journalism majors. 

I believe all majors could benefit from learning about good reporting and putting into writing and using facts and ideas to make one concrete concept.  

Being around The News has brought so many different ideals and perspectives into my life.

It has taught me to look at things from the inside and outside. How could I explain this concept to someone who was never there to witness it?

Even now, I can I form an opinion when I am involved in something but still see the other side and views. 

Now, this is not a shameless plug for needing columnists for next year, but being in the world of journalism is beneficial all around.  

I would not have half of the advocacy skills I do now if I had not done journalism.  

Whatever your major, consider just taking a dip into journalism. Learn why it is important and how it can impact you and your life.  


Ellen Dooley can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].

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Ellen Dooley
Ellen Dooley, Opinions Editor
Ellen Dooley is a senior special education major. She previously served as the opinions editor at The News.

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