The Daily Eastern News

2018-2019 Staff

Analicia Haynes


Hello! My name is Analicia Carmen Haynes and I’m the Editor-in-Chief of this spectacular newspaper. I am a senior journalism major (praying to God that I graduate in May of...

Kristen Ed

Managing Editor

Hi there! My name is Kristen, and I am thrilled to be the Managing Editor of The Daily Eastern News this year! I am a senior journalism major with minors in media technolo...

Brooke Schwartz

News Editor

Hi, my name is Brooke Schwartz and I am the news editor as well as a sophomore journalism major with a minor in French and political science. I am originally from Menomonie, Wisconsin...

JJ Bullock

Sports Editor

Hey, I'm JJ Bullock and I am the Sports Editor. I am a junior journalism major. I spent last year as the Assistant Sports Editor. Prior to that I served as the sports designer...

Dillan Schorfheide

Assistant Sports Editor

Howdy! I’m Dillan, I am currently the Assistant Sports Editor at The Daily Eastern News. I have played and loved sports my whole life, so why not cover them right? When I...

Mercury Bowen

Entertainment Reporter

Hello, my name is Mercury Bowen. I am a senior journalism major with a double minor in photojournalism and sociology. As someone who speaks fluently in film and television quotes...

Andrew Paisley

Opinions Editor

Hi, I’m Andrew Paisley and I am the Opinions Editor this year for The Daily Eastern News. I previously served as a copy editor and Campus Reporter. Writing is a passion of mine,...

Melissa Jabek

Staff Photographer

Hi, I’m Melissa Jabek I am 20 years old I am a junior at Eastern and I am a photographer for The Daily Eastern News. My major is photojournalism and I have been taking pictures...

Yifei Ma

Staff Reporter

Hey! I’m Yifei Ma. I come from China and I am staff reporter for The Daily Eastern News. My major is sociology. I also like to take photos. In my free time I would like to paint...

Bing Bai

Staff Reporter

Hey, I’m Bing Bai and I am a staff reporter. I am a computer technology major. I always make a little video in my free time. So I will be a shooting and editing video for The Dai...

Hannah Shillo

Staff Reporter

Hi, I am Hannah Shillo and I am a junior journalism major. I am a staff reporter for The Daily Eastern News. I enjoy reading in my free time and I’m looking forward to repor...

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