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EDITORIAL: Students need healthier, more flexible late-night food choices

Ellen Dooley

Have you ever finished writing a ten page paper at midnight and asked yourself “what is even open right now?”

There are countless pizza places open. There are the usual fast food places like McDonald’s or Taco Bell. But out of these choices, what is even remotely healthy?

When looking into what restaurants are open past midnight, we did not find many that were considered “healthy options.” For our list of “open late,” these restaurants either closed at midnight or were closed past midnight into the early morning.

Closed at midnight:

  • Jimmy John’s (Fri.-Sat. 3 A.M.)

Closed at 1 a.m.:

  • Domino’s (2 A.M. Wed.-Thu., 3 A.M. Fri.-Sat.)
  • South Quad Dining’s Late Night Pizza

Closed at 2 a.m.:

  • Taco Bell
  • Chubby’s Pizza (3 A.M. Thu.-Sat.)

Closed at 3 a.m. or later:

  • McDonald’s

When looking at the list, there are one or two that may offer healthy substitutes, but nothing beyond a salad or a lettuce wrap instead of bread.

We at the The News are calling for more healthy options to be open late at night. There are countless times when college students are either up late doing assignments or coming from work and just want something healthier than pizza or a burger.

Yes, South Quad Dining does offer healthier substitutes, but sometimes students need something more substantial than veggies, sauce and cheese on flat bread. While that is a start, more can be done.

The big opposition to this argument is actually having the workers to do different menu changes. We have seen this as an issue in the university owned dining halls. But hopefully more creative measures can take place, like utilizing the self-service stations newly introduced last semester at South Quad Dining.

Another idea can be the Stevenson Tower Deli. From what we have gathered at The News, people are liking the option of the deli being open later. One thing that we wish is that stayed open till midnight or 1 a.m. like South Quad, and was open more often.

To help combat staffing difficulties, Stevenson Deli could combine resources into South Quad Dining, to still have pizza as well as additional healthy items such as sandwiches and salads like they do during the day.

Although staffing would be consolidated to one location, more options could be offered by having more workers in one place.

It might take time, or even dining fees increasing, but we feel it is a substantial improvement to the dining palate offered for Eastern students.


The Editorial Board can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].

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Ellen Dooley
Ellen Dooley, Opinions Editor
Ellen Dooley is a senior special education major. She previously served as the opinions editor at The News.

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