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EDITORIAL: Breast cancer awareness and education

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and multiple groups on campus have been holding events.

Some are focusing on fundraising for cancer research and some are doing more with educating people about early detection and getting testing done frequently.

Many of us at The News look back at how we grew up knowing or being educated on breast cancer.

Our Editor-in-Chief, Rob Le Cates, reflects back on his childhood.

Rob remembered having an entire week dedicated to breast cancer awareness when he was younger. They would have themed days and a fundraiser, and even did a community walk.

He expressed it should still have the same weight in college. People should go out to these events and support the cause. People should also support local causes like cancer research at Sarah Bush Lincoln.

Our Photo Editor, Ashanti Thomas, explained how she was never explicitly involved with breast cancer awareness. She said it was similar to Rob’s experience where it was more prominent before college.

Ashanti talked about how it was discussed in high school health classes, but she has seen more prominence on social media.

The real conversations never came out until someone was personally effected by cancer. She felt it is still taboo topic within women and can be awkward being in high school, but even now in her 20’s.

As the Editorial Board, we feel that this awareness is for a reason. It is to decrease the awkwardness and taboo around talking about breast cancer.

Breast cancer is not just for women. Men can be affected too. That is why it is so important that everyone is aware of the topic of breast cancer.

There are a few things we urge people to do.

Educate yourself. Early detection is the best detection. Get screened annually, know your family history and know if you are at a higher risk.

Support awareness causes, even if it is just wearing a pink ribbon, any awareness is awareness. Support the RSO’s on campus holding events and attend with all your friends.

Support research causes and donate to well-trusted funds. One example is Sarah Bush Lincoln right down the road from Eastern.

Lastly, have those real authentic conversations with those around you. It is okay to break the awkwardness and ask real questions about breast cancer that concern you.

We encourage everyone to get out this October and wear your brightest pink. Educate yourself about breast cancer and support those who are currently going through treatment, the survivors and mourn with those who have lost loved ones.

The Editorial Board can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].



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