‘Deuces’ film has great actors but weird ending

Kalyn Hayslett, Editor-in-Chief


Three African-American males immersed in drug dealing, violence and dishonesty is not a groundbreaking movie plot, but director Jamal Hill intertwines these thought-provoking dilemmas in his film “Deuces.”

“Deuces” premiered on Netflix April Fools Day and features an all-star cast, including Lance Gross as Jason Foster, Megan Good as his sister Janet Foster, La La Anthony as a police detective and Syia as Diggs.

The character Deuces, played by Larenz Tate, was the main leader of three drug dealers: Paper played by Rick Gonzales, Face played by Rotimi and Diggs.

The film is told from Deuces’ perspective as he narrates the scenes and reflects on his actions. He helps foreshadow consequences and gives the audience a peek into his thoughts.

Even with popularity, money and friends, Deuces was not satisfied with his life.

Hill uses the film “Deuces” to make the audience question the American Dream. Being able to establish wealth and security from humble beginnings should equate to a happy life, but that was not the case in the movie.

What Deuces desired was peace and companionship, things that cannot be bought.

Audience members have to determine who is the protagonist and who is the antagonist. Are the drug dealers justified in their actions because they are just trying to make a living for themselves, or are the police officers’ untraditional means to enforce the law justified?

The ending of the film was the biggest disappointment because one of the main characters, Reese, made a rash decision and the audience has to guess the repercussions of his actions.

Overall, the ending was unrealistic and fell short of the climax of the film. For the entire film, the audience follows Deuces’ narrative, and the last scene sequence did not line up to his predictions.

The chemistry between the actors is what carried the film. Janet and Deuces’ relationship developed on the scene with believable dates, arguments and conversations. The interaction between them was genuine and made the viewers instantly become invested and ultimately root for them to stay together.

However, the star of the film was Gross, who had the task of playing two contrasting roles, playing both an undercover cop and a drug dealer. Gross’ fighting scenes were authentic. Audience members could almost feel the punches and hear the shattering gun shots.

The movie was also emotionally open, with sincere tears and heartwarming speeches. Gross as Jason had a believable “bromance” with Deuces and a relatable bond with Janet Foster.

I would give this film a 4 out of 5 stars. The acting made up for the off-putting ending. I would recommend students watch the film with a group of friends, as it will serve as a good discussion starter.

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