Review: Starting to smell a lot like autumn

Jordan Hale, Online Editor

Whenever I think of fall, I think of falling leaves, warm baked goods and chilly weather.

Sometimes, the chilly weather is a bit too much, which is grounds for me to stay inside and curl up with my favorite blanket.

One thing I love during the fall is a candle and since we have one in Mattoon, Bath and Body Works is my go-to for fall-scented candles.

For people that love warm scents, Bath and Body Works’ candles are the way to go.

As soon as you walk in the store, you are bombarded with all different kinds of candles and a large fall-themed display to make browsing easy.

The array of choices of candles is almost overwhelming at first, but once you decide what kind of scent you want in your home, it is easier to narrow down the selection and not walk out with 100 different candles.

There are candles for those who like sweet smelling things and there are candles for those who prefer more musky scents as well.

The scents range from Flannel to Pumpkin Spice.

You can get mini candles, medium candles and large candles for all rooms in the house.

The candles put off a fragrant aroma and tend to hold the scent every time you light it.

They burn fast, so there will be a lot of melted wax in the candle jar, but it does harden back up and allows the candle to be lit several times a day without running out of a lot of the product.

If you are the type to burn a candle at all times, you may want to opt for the bigger size because that will the best value. Overall, I think Bath and Body Works has a good line of candles.

They may not be the longest lasting candles on the market, but with the sales and the prices, the value is good enough to make up for the cons.

The best thing about the Bath and Body Works candles is that there is a line of different scents for each season, so there can be a candle burning in your home at all times.

Jordan Hale can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].