Somewhere, sober the rainbow

Kayln Kayslett, Editor-in-Chief

Image demonstrates a common cup used by students.
T’Nerra Butler
Image demonstrates a common cup used by students.


It is all fun and games until the student wakes up the next morning to an unbearable headache, overwhelming nausea and dizziness.

This can be avoided by following three steps. Step one: Do your homework Before you walk into the party or pregame session create a plan of attack.

Determine the maximum amount of drinks you want to consume for the night. Set a realistic amount.

Do not set a number too low that you will not have fun but do not set the number so high because it will be pointless. Just in case you are tempted have an accountability partner.

Have your friend keep track of the number drinks you are going to consume and have them hold your money. Step two: stay consistent Pick one type of alcohol and stick with it.

If you decide to drink clear liquor then limit your drinking to only clear-based drinks.

When you drink both light and dark liquors then you are asking for stomach pains.

Beer is not considered hard liquor so it is ok to combine the drink with light liquor.

However, combining two hard liquors like Ciroc and Hennessey or Vodka and Brandy is not suggested.

Step three: Spread the love The main cause of hangovers is dehydration. Make sure you drink a cup of water throughout the night.

If your limit is four shots then drink a cup of water after every two shots. The water will slow the affects of the alcohol from quickly reeking havoc on your blood system.

Do not drink on an empty stomach so; make sure you eat a meal before you go out. Meals with high carbohydrates like spaghetti, macaroni and mashed potatoes will help absorb the alcohol.

Tips on managing a hangover So as the party progresses the preventive tips are slowly forgotten.

Just in case you over drink here are two tips on dealing with a hangover. Step one: Let them eat bread Locate the nearest loaf of bread and eat a few slices.

The bread will serve as a sponge and soak up the alcohol. This may sound strange but this is a cheap and easy way to get rid of the excessive alcohol.

Step two: pop pills To get rid of any migraines take the suggested dosage of pain medicine. Any brand will work it all depends on the person’s preference.

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