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Thank a veteran for our 1st Amendment rights

Staff Report

November 9, 2017

Written on parchment paper and stored in the national archives, our nation’s rulebook survives to this day. Over 200 years old, it works as a guideline for this country and holds it together with 26 amendments that guarantee our freedom and liberties. As journalists, we think highly of the constitution...

Be understanding of others’ struggles

Staff Report

November 7, 2017

As student journalists, those of us at The Daily Eastern News are taught not to make assumptions. If something is unclear, we ask questions to clarify what is meant. If we do not know something, we ask. This idea should not only be a guideline for journalism, but for people’s’ daily lives as...

Events help make EIU home away from home

Staff Report

November 6, 2017

When we all left home to make to come to Eastern, we knew that there would be tears and homesickness. Those feelings were embraced, however, and we left home with our heads held high and teary eyes knowing that we could return whenever we felt like we needed to. However, though we realize that...

Listen to one another in order to get things done

Staff Report

November 5, 2017

As journalists, we are trained to listen for important information and to question people until we find everything needed to relay the story to the public. Sometimes in this search the most unlikely sources show us a new perspective and help to shine a light on the topic in a different way. Life is not...

Don’t forget all the positives in life

Staff Report

November 2, 2017

As college students, it is easy to think we are ‘broke.’ Many students, upon not being able to afford another cup of coffee at Starbucks or Java, or being able to afford the $100 sweater they had their eye on, will roll their eyes and tell their friends “I’m so poor.” While there are,...

America’s future should not live in fear

November 1, 2017

At some point many of us have experienced the awful feelings that accompany true fear. These types of feelings result in our stomachs dropping and quenching for some sort of relief. Although the feeling is the same, the sources that create this feeling differ from person to person. Even though...

Keep up with financial aid

Staff Report

October 31, 2017

Financial aid can be confusing. Several students in an article recently in The Daily Eastern News were confused on some aspects of financial aid, which is of course understandable. There are many details and things to think about when it comes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, to loans...

Being aware, attending meetings is important

Staff Editorial

October 30, 2017

The committee to review Workgroups No. 8 and 9 have already had several meetings, and luckily they have been both open and transparent to the public. Committee members, as seen in Monday’s article of The Daily Eastern News, are actively discussing their views on recommendations made by the Work...

Stay safe this Halloween

Staff Report

October 26, 2017

It is the spookiest time of the year, and the air is filled with spirits, tricks and treats. Although Halloween allows us the chance to overdose on sugar and step into someone else’s shoes, it is important to remember to take this weekend with caution. The staff at The Daily Eastern News has...

Power through the cycle, prioritize education and experience

Staff Editorial

October 25, 2017

Classes are important. They often open people’s eyes to different ways of thinking as well as help them develop skills that are needed to succeed in whatever field they choose. Education is life-changing, but not all lessons can be taught in classes. While classes provide the foundational concepts,...

We need leaders and we need answers

Staff Editorial

October 23, 2017

It is not yet election season, but there has already been some talk about possible candidates in upcoming races. Shirley Bell, a retired communication studies professor, announced her intention to seek the nomination for state representative of the 110th district at a Trivia Night, according to The...

Continue Homecoming spirit throughout the semester

Staff Report

October 22, 2017

Homecoming may be over but the memories created this Homecoming by passionately participating in activities with friends and family will be an integral part of many students’ college experience. For activities after the festivities of Homecoming, it takes that passion for Eastern and the dedication...

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