STAFF EDITORIAL: NH primary needs to be free of error

Staff Editorial

All eyes will be on the New Hampshire presidential primary tomorrow, the same way they were on Iowa just a week before. And we should all cross our fingers and hope New Hampshire goes better than the fiasco of a caucus Iowa gave us. 

Our opinion at The Daily Eastern News rests not on who won Iowa, who will win New Hampshire or even in the difference between a primary and a caucus. No, it rests solely in the idea that Iowa’s complete collapse last week was an embarrassment to the Democratic Party and our democracy as a whole. 

New Hampshire cannot just go well on Tuesday, it must be flawless. 

The results from Iowa took days to be finalized and even then, the final tallies were refuted and already have sparked in-fighting within the party. 

Bernie Sanders’ campaign is claiming victory as is Pete Buttigieg’s, and there was a call for a re-canvassing of the votes, which was also heavily debated.

With Iowa we got to watch our democracy melt into a state of complete disorganization, one that republicans will use to draw ire on democrats and one that is pitting democrats against each other in a time where they should be more unified than ever. 

New Hampshire has to bring the redemption we all so desperately need from what happened in Iowa. And again, that has nothing to do with who wins or who loses; it has to do with showing our democracy can still function without a problem or a fight throwing everything into chaos. 

New Hampshire, by nature, should go better, at least we hope. 

Primaries are far less complicated than a caucus and the race in New Hampshire probably will not be as narrow. 

But for now we can all only watch and wait to see if we can get this right and put Iowa behind us. 

The last thing the democratic party can afford right now is to put more ammo in the hands of Donald Trump that he can use to paint the entire party in a bad light. 

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