STAFF EDITORIAL: JLo, Shakira were great Sunday night

Staff Editorial

Quit complaining about the Super Bowl halftime show.

History was made, thanks to Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, as they were the first Latina headliners for a Super Bowl halftime show.  

Not only did Shakira and JLo bring energy to the night, but they also brought immense pride to the Latinx community, along with Latino artists J Balvin and Bad Bunny who each joined the women on stage at some point during the show. 

Lopez also paid homage to her Puerto Rican roots as she displayed a flag in which one side was an American flag and the other side was a Puerto Rican flag. 

The cultural representation by both Lopez and Shakira was inspiring, especially for the Latinx individuals in America.  

And yet, some people still had a problem with the show. 

Some have called their performance provocative, over-sexualized and inappropriate for children because of the way they danced and the outfits they wore, but the women were clothed during their entire performance. 

As for Shakira, who was bashed for shaking her hips too much, she was simply highlighting traditional Afro-Colombian styles of dance called Champeta and Mapalé. 

Lopez was slammed for her pole dancing because she entered the stage by rising up from the center of the stage on a pole, which she said on her Instagram story Monday was to represent women being on top of the world. 

We at The Daily Eastern News think that the Super Bowl halftime show was fun, entertaining and more impressive than many of the past performances. 

Sure, they were not singing live, but does any halftime performer anymore? The shows are usually prerecorded because performers must keep up with their choreography. 

It is disappointing that everyone who is complaining about the halftime show is only focusing on the women’s appearance instead of the quality of the performance.  

The whole point of the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl advertisements and the halftime show is to entertain everyone watching.  

We appreciate the Latinx representation in the halftime show and thought it was done in good taste, but at the end of the day it is meant to entertain us. 

If it wasn’t entertaining, what was the point in watching? 

The editorial board is also just tired of seeing nothing but snarky comments on social media about the two talented women who put on a great performance. 

Get over it.

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