STAFF EDITORIAL: Remember, honor Black History Month

Staff Editorial

February marks Black History Month, and we at The Daily Eastern News want everyone to challenge themselves to go beyond the typical social construct of the month.

This is the month to commemorate and celebrate the black people in history who have left their mark on the world and remember the struggles of what they went through.

Not that this phenomenon is exclusive to this month, but it seems as though any time there is a holiday or month dedicated to one thing, we move on from that once the clock strikes midnight and a new day or month begins.

It is great to truly think about black history and what it means throughout the month, but thinking this way should continue throughout the year, not just pop up one month out of the year when we all think about it more because there is a social structure making us think about it.

American history cannot be told without knowing, understanding and acknowledging the events and experiences of our black friends, neighbors and family.

One of the greatest conflicts in American history that helped shape our country tremendously is the Civil War, a perfect example of the point we wish to illustrate.

Slavery was at the center of the war, and the outcome of the war helped put an end to the evil system that was in place in the country.

But understanding the next 100-plus years is important because although slavery was gone and illegal, black people still suffered at the hands of vast and awful racism.

Knowing this history and being able to truly look at it and understand how it led to our society today is so important.

Everything black citizens still have to put up with today and endure has a past that led to what is currently happening.

That is why this month, it is important to do more than just the bare minimum of acknowledging the history this month is dedicated to.

We as citizens should be aware of what is happening in our society around us, and that is hard to do if we do not understand the history that precedes us.

So, for this month, do not just make the required social media post about how important this month is.

Go beyond that and make an effort to understand why we have this month and how it affects us individually and within our society.

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