Editorial: Bolton needs to testify

The impeachment saga the United States has been witnessing the last couple of months has been pretty much everything all of us could have expected it to be: An extremely partisan process where any ideas of working across the aisle were killed from the word go. 

The House did its work already, voting to impeach President Donald J. Trump and now the Senate is its second week of the trial, with Trump’s defense team wrapping up its defense case. 

Of course, before the process wraps up, we all must bear witness to another show of Congress’ complete lack of any ability to compromise, this time concerning whether or not former national security adviser John R. Bolton should have to testify before the Senate or not. 

Bolton, who is releasing a book in March about working with the president, apparently has a section of his book which alleges Trump directly withheld military aid from the Ukraine, in an effort to get the country to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. 

The idea of whether or not Trump withheld aid directly from Ukraine in return for an investigating the Bidens is the central theme in the democrats case that Trump abused his power of office. 

Regardless of if what Bolton alleges is true or regardless of how anyone on either side of the aisle feels about Bolton, the former national security adviser should be called to testify before the Senate. 

Republicans have pushed back against this notion, while democrats have pushed for it. 

Let us not forget what is happening here in the county: you can believe the impeachment of Donald Trump is a sham or you can believe it is legit and he should be removed from office. No matter which one of those things you believe, the fact of the matter is that the president is on trial. That is not fake news, that is not a hoax, it is reality. 

Being that the president is on trial in the Senate, Bolton should have to testify. 

Bolton serves as too strong of a witness for him not to be a part of this historic trial. 

If Bolton is lying, let that lie be exposed on the witness stand. If Bolton is telling the truth, let that truth come out on the witness stand. 

There is no reason at all that Bolton should not deliver testimony to the Senate. 

The American people deserve to hear all the angles of this case, particularly one as important as Bolton’s.

This trial cannot be a some dog and pony show for democrats and republicans to flex muscle on each other. 

It needs to be a fair and legitimate process for the sake of the American people. And for it to be fair and legitimate, Bolton must testify.