EDITORIAL: NH redeems Iowa’s vote  disaster

We all owe the state of New Hampshire a big thank you today for doing accomplishing something very simple, that the state of Iowa made very complicated last week.

Successfully conducting a democratic election.

It feels odd to congratulate a state on completing a primary, but after what we all witnessed in the Iowa caucus last week, New Hampshire going off without a hitch feels like a breath of fresh air.

The result of the vote itself is coming out very similar to that of Iowa, with Bernie Sanders narrowly leading Pete Buttigieg, at least that’s how things stand at the time of publication. That mirrors the Iowa final tally which had Buttigieg narrowly beating Sanders.

From the New Hampshire result, we can at least scrap the idea that the Iowa result was somehow messed up, given that the votes came out so similar.

But goodness, New Hampshire needed to go well to get the bad after taste from Iowa out of our mouths and it did.

So far there has been no accusations of tampering, hacking, rigging or any of the things we all had to deal with and hear about just one week ago.

In New Hampshire, it felt almost as important for the state to elect the right candidate as much as it felt important they just don’t screw up any of the basics that come with hosting an election.

It feels incredibly odd to clap for the most basic root of democracy being executed correctly, but after an Iowa caucus that was nothing short of embarrassing for the state and the democratic party, New Hampshire feels like a vacation.