Seniors give advice for college life

Austen Brown, Staff Reporter

Eastern seniors offered some advice for underclassmen that may find it difficult to keep up with their classes and maintain social lives.

Brian Smith, a senior chemistry major and resident assistant at Weller Hall, said to make sure underclassmen get work done.

“(Get your work done) in a manner that is descript enough that you’re learning something from doing your homework, not just learning from class,” Smith said.

Smith also said that doing homework and studying at the same time could allow a student to have more time to pursue their social life.

“If (a student does their) studying while (they are) doing … homework, then (they do not) have to spend time studying … the extra time that (they) can save studying, (they) can actually hang out with friends,” Smith said.

However, being focused completely on schoolwork is not healthy, he said.

“Don’t neglect your hobbies … not having time for yourself will just make school stressful and make it so (a student will not) want to actually do the work to get things done, and (they are) eventually just (going to) end up failing,” Smith said.

Gavin Peterson, a senior with a major in applied engineering and technology, said students should attend Pantherpalooza to get involved in on-campus activities and groups.

Peterson said this event could provide chances to fill up a person’s schedule, keep them occupied throughout the week and avoid being totally absorbed by their homework and studying.

Some people might be primarily interested in extracurricular activities, said Sava Savidis, a senior sports management major.

In some cases, extracurricular activities, such as student government and civic engagement and volunteerism, could help students get jobs or internships in the future.

He also said students might be interested in Greek life.

However, he didn’t understate the importance of classes.

“Go to class and do your homework,” he said. “A lot of people skip class and miss out on whatever is taught that day and get behind (in class) … Start assignments as soon as they’re assigned.”

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