Unity presentation provides students a way to come together


Chandler Smith and Cam'ron Hardy

Taylor Hall shared a presentation titled, “No Division: A Discussion of Commonalities and Differences.”

Aaron Constanzo, a psychology major and resident assistant at Taylor Hall, hosted the event. He said that there is too much hate in the world and people should just learn to appreciate each other’s differences.

Constanzo prepared a power point about ways to include everyone in activities. He also explained ways in which everyone has commonalities amongst them.

Within the presentation were also examples of equity and inequity amongst each other and insluvity.

Constanzo said that he hoped that people would gain a better understanding of each other, if they attended the event.

There were also examples of what to do when presented with uncomfortable situations. Attendees were also given the opportunity to express personal experiences with any situations that may have affected them.

Constanzo also gave students solutions as to what to do if they are put in uncomfortable situations.

Constanzo also said that there are so many barriers that people need to break down that divides people. He also said that there are not inclusive programs and that Eastern needs to acknowledge the people in the community.


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