Lunchbox Voodoo hosts open-mic night


Ashanti Thomas

At Lunchbox Voodoo’s Open Mic Night event Friday night, the band Absent Ground performs multiple cover songs as one of the first acts of the night.

Katja Benz, Reporter

Lunchbox Voodoo, a sketch comedy club at EIU, hosts their first event of the year, an open mic night in 7th Street Underground where they have a variety of different performances. (Ashanti Thomas)

Lunchbox Voodoo hosted their second open-mic night as a relatively new organization.   

The organization, which gets confused with Hello Dali!, performs sketch comedy whereas Hello Dali! performs improv. The organization was reorganized this year by Rashad Oliver, a senior digital media technology major, in Dec. 2022 after being disbanded during the Covid-19 pandemic.   

Oliver attempted at restarting the organization with the help of friend and former EIU student Stevie McDunn, who graduated in Spring 2022 with a degree in TV and video production, prior to Covid, but actually got the ball rolling in Dec. 2022 after McDunn graduated.   

At the event, there were a variety of acts including live music, stand-up comedy, and karaoke.  

Nathaniel Revish, a senior theatre major, tells funny stories to the audience during Lunchbox Voodoo’s Open Mic Night event Friday night. (Ashanti Thomas)

Nathaniel Revish, a senior theater major, performed a stand-up routine.  

Revish is also a member of Hell Dali!. He said that there are some differences between stand-up and improv, such as during improv you can practice certain games but cast members do not have a script when it comes to jokes and audience members might not know what is a part of the skit. In stand-up, performers such as Revish, have a script for the bit they perform.   

When planning his stand-up comedy bit, Revish tried thinking of stories he thought others would find funny or entertaining. He then landed on two stories he thought would be perfect for the open-mic performance.  

“The whole process about it was just me trying to find a good story to tell [and] perform when I was going to do my bits,” Revish said. “I had a few of my friends to consider but then ultimately, I’ve landed on two old stories with my cousin, where we just [go]to a bunch of crazy stuff or he just tells me crazy stuff all the time.”  

Aden Mathis, a freshman undeclared major, performed karaoke at the event. Mathis sang ‘Blue Moon’ by Frank Sinatra and ‘Feel Like Making Love’ by Bad Company. 

Mathis is friends with many of the executive board members of Lunchbox Voodoo, who convinced him to sign up after being unable to perform at the previous open mic.  

“I’m friends with pretty much all the guys that run lunchbox voodoo and Rashad was one of the first people that came up to me and like, advertise it,” Mathis said. “And he was like, ‘Hey, I know you wanted to do something at the last one, but you were sick last semester.’ So he’s like, ‘Yeah, we’re having one.’ So I just signed up for it.” 

With it being his first time performing at an open mic at EIU, Mathis said he was nervous but got into the groove after getting into his songs.  

“I was pretty nervous but as soon as I broke into a group, it was pretty smooth,” Mathis said.  

Aside from open mic nights, Lunchbox Voodoo also holds live skit shows similar to Saturday Night Live.  

Lunchbox Voodoo is holding auditions for those interested in being writers for and actors in the skits Friday Feb. 3 in Doudna 2060 from 5-8pm.  

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