Pantherpalooza gives students a chance to get involved

Cam'ron Hardy, News Editor

Connor Mellott, a sophomore interpersonal communications major, explains what the Japanese Culture Club is to passerby students during Pantherpalooza in the Grand Ballroom. (Rob Le Cates)

Pantherpalooza took place on Tuesday in the Martin Luther King Jr. Universion Union Grand Ballroom and the University Ballroom.

The event was held from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and presented over 100 organizations that students had the opportunity to learn about and possibly join. Free T-shirts and giveaways were available for those who attended, as well as refreshments.

Pantherpalooza allows students to get involved with registered student organizations and other organizations that Eastern has to offer.

Connor Mellott, a sophomore interpersonal communications major, and Dayden Gardner, a junior history education major, were both at the event promoting the Japanese culture club.

Mellott said they advertise things that are a part of Japanese culture including history, arts, and the language.

Mellott also said the meeting are typically easygoing.

“They’re just supposed to be fun, educational, and enjoyable,” Mellott said.

Gardner said they both have been a part of the club since after COVID. Gardner said they decided to keep the club going despite not having many members, since some of them graduated, because it allows them to get to know people personally.

“It’s just a lot of fun, and we hope to make more friends and do some pretty cool things,” Gardner said.

Mellott said they want to give people a general understanding of Japanese culture and allow them to gain a passion for the culture despite some of the misconception about the Western world.

They said that the club is unique and do not want it to be perceived as teaching people about the culture, but rather want to show them what the culture has to offer.

“It’s more of a collaborative effort,” Mellott said. “It’s not just us teaching them, it’s them wanting to bring something to the table that gets us into it, like [more so] shared.”

Lorissa Nichols, a senior communications major, was also at the event promoting the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA).

Nichols said the organization is open to many more majors such as graphic designers and students involved in marketing and digital media technology.

“We do stuff such as workshops, and that includes resumés, cover letters,” Nichols said. “You speak with professions on our campus. They come to us and they talk to us about their career and give us advice.”

Nichols said she is thinking about getting into the project management field as a career path. She said that includes making sure that things are organized and coordinated within a company or an organization.

“This might include marketing [or] marketing,” Nichols said. “Any goal or task the company’s working on, you’re basically in charge, and you need to make sure that it is in order.”


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