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The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

The Daily Eastern News

The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

The Daily Eastern News

Dear Aunt T: We do not know either

Dear Aunt T: We do not know either

Tera Johnson-Swartz, Columnist September 11, 2023

I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure you get asked this question a lot: what do you want to be when you grow up/graduate? How does it make you feel when you are asked it? Confident because you have...

COLUMN: Dear Aunt T, who is that lady?

COLUMN: Dear Aunt T, who is that lady?

Tera Johnson-Swartz, Columnist September 4, 2023

I am going to let you in on a little secret: I’m over 40, earning my MA from EIU remotely (sadly, nowhere near the campus), and I have not told my family I am starting this column. What if this flops?...

We need to teach youth not to bully

Katelyn Eddington, Columnist March 6, 2020

The other night, my favorite 13-year-old ever called me and said, “Kaka, all my so-called friends are talking bad about me behind my back.”  Of course, me being her older sister, I wanted to handle...

Value advice, wisdom from ‘old’ friends

Zoë Donovan, Staff Reporter December 4, 2019

I spent part of my Thanksgiving Break sitting in on a sociology class at my previous college, with the main intention of heckling a previous instructor after he had finished the lesson, and of course just...

Time has wings, so enjoy the present

Blake Faith, Sports Reporter September 20, 2019

Time has wings. People who know me know I use this phrase sometimes. To me, it describes a period of time that I can't believe went by so fast. We’re approaching week six of this semester. For some...

3 traits to determine a friend’s toxicity

Kate Rehwinkel, Columnist April 21, 2019

Friends are people who are supposed to care about you and your wellbeing, or so I thought. I recently had a friendship end a couple of weeks ago. The friendship lasted a year and a half and I thought we...

EDITORIAL: Be positive and stop complaining all the time

Staff Editorial March 25, 2019

Every day you will come across a situation that brings you stress. More often than not, there is a solution to this problem. The problem about this is that so many people in the world love to complain....

Seniors give advice for college life

Austen Brown, Staff Reporter February 1, 2019

Eastern seniors offered some advice for underclassmen that may find it difficult to keep up with their classes and maintain social lives. Brian Smith, a senior chemistry major and resident assistant at...

Older students give advice for freshmen

Logan Raschke, Staff Reporter October 24, 2018

Sophomore and senior students shared their experiences during their first year of college and advice for current freshman. Senior accounting major Justin Brenson said taking the successes with the failures...

Relationship advice in time for Valentine’s Day

Abby Carlin, Columnist February 1, 2018

We all have that friend—the one who has never been in a long term relationship, yet possesses a mouth big enough to contain all the relationship advice one could ever want (but does not)—and we do...

Clear out your junk and go live

Liz Stephens , Columnist September 10, 2017

A question I have had on my mind lately is “why do we put so much value in material items or just stuff?” We work our hind ends off in life to buy stuff, whether it be luxury stuff or cheap stuff....

Caitlyn Atwood, a sophomore marketing major and first-year desk assistant at Thomas Hall, watches as members of hall council play pool and hang up decorations Tuesday afternoon. Atwood was sitting among keys used by students moving into Thomas Hall early. As students start moving in throughout the week, returning students and staff took some time to give them advice on the new school year.

Students, staff offer advice on upcoming school year

AJ Fournier , Campus Reporter August 17, 2017

With Move-In Weekend underway and classes beginning on Monday, new students and returning students alike will have the chance to excel both in and out of the classroom. Returning students and staff...

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