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Time has wings, so enjoy the present

Blake Faith, Sports Reporter

September 20, 2019

Time has wings. People who know me know I use this phrase sometimes. To me, it describes a period of time that I can't believe went by so fast. We’re approaching week six of this semester. For some students, you are in the middle of the grind, whether you’ve had exams, projects or homework. For our ...

3 traits to determine a friend’s toxicity

Kate Rehwinkel, Columnist

April 21, 2019

Friends are people who are supposed to care about you and your wellbeing, or so I thought. I recently had a friendship end a couple of weeks ago. The friendship lasted a year and a half and I thought we would be friends until college ended. Now that we are no longer friends, I see how much happier I am. L...

EDITORIAL: Be positive and stop complaining all the time

Staff Editorial

March 25, 2019

Every day you will come across a situation that brings you stress. More often than not, there is a solution to this problem. The problem about this is that so many people in the world love to complain. It is as if they get a high from complaining. Because of this, when they are offered a solution...

Seniors give advice for college life

Austen Brown, Staff Reporter

February 1, 2019

Eastern seniors offered some advice for underclassmen that may find it difficult to keep up with their classes and maintain social lives. Brian Smith, a senior chemistry major and resident assistant at Weller Hall, said to make sure underclassmen get work done. “(Get your work done) in a manner t...

Older students give advice for freshmen

Logan Raschke, Staff Reporter

October 24, 2018

Sophomore and senior students shared their experiences during their first year of college and advice for current freshman. Senior accounting major Justin Brenson said taking the successes with the failures during the first year of college is important. He said freshmen should prepare for their expe...

Relationship advice in time for Valentine’s Day

Abby Carlin, Columnist

February 1, 2018

We all have that friend—the one who has never been in a long term relationship, yet possesses a mouth big enough to contain all the relationship advice one could ever want (but does not)—and we do our best to take them seriously. However, logic would dictate that experience is usually a prerequisite to giving ...

Clear out your junk and go live

Liz Stephens, Columnist

September 10, 2017

A question I have had on my mind lately is “why do we put so much value in material items or just stuff?” We work our hind ends off in life to buy stuff, whether it be luxury stuff or cheap stuff. I think it is a weird concept and habit we have by revolving our entire life around buying things and...

Students, staff offer advice on upcoming school year

Students, staff offer advice on upcoming school year

AJ Fournier , Campus Reporter

August 17, 2017

With Move-In Weekend underway and classes beginning on Monday, new students and returning students alike will have the chance to excel both in and out of the classroom. Returning students and staff offered their advice on what students should do to make the most of their time at Eastern. Sarah...

Column: Keep clean in residences

Alex Bonnot, Columnist

August 31, 2016

During the first week, we are all simply trying to figure out our schedules, but going into our second week of classes, students have an idea of how their week will go day-by-day. With that said, it is time to talk about the ground rules for dorm etiquette, or even etiquette for living with someone off...

Guest Column: Find outfits that fit your lifestyle, schedule

Alex Bonnot

August 23, 2016

As we begin our fall semester at Eastern, it is well known that our school, and the whole world for that matter, have many troubles afoot. However, I would like to take your mind off of these issues by talking about something that even among the turmoil, almost every person has thought about at least...

Column: Strive to get the most out of your time at Eastern

Analicia Haynes, Managing Editor

August 23, 2016

Youth is a wonderful and exciting time for many of us. The opportunities, knowledge and time seem never ending. We can eat what we want, drink what we want, act and talk how we want (bearing the consequences of course), but most importantly we can learn whatever we want when we want to. We have the...

Editorial: Represent your school tactfully, gracefully

Staff Editorial

August 23, 2016

Knowing how to act in public is a trait that many of us should already have embedded in our systems. Being reminded of it as young adults seems almost juvenile considering that most of us have had our parents indoctrinate us with this trait since exiting the womb. However, it seems as though tactfulness...

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