Welcome to the next 4 years, freshmen

Staff Editorial

The Staff at The Daily Eastern News would like to welcome all first year students to Eastern.

We recognize that right now is a scary, yet exciting, stage of your young life. College is such a unique experience, and everything from move in until graduation will contribute to the rest of your adult existence. Even just thinking about that can be terrifying.

However, as scared or sad as someone might be feeling right now, try and enjoy every moment of this crazy journey, starting with Prowl weekend.

Being forced to attend events all weekend might seem annoying or maybe being forced to spend your weekend with strangers is the last thing you want to do, but this weekend is designed for you.

Dragging yourself out of bed and away from all your unpacked memories can help you shake any homesickness and/or nervousness about the journey you are starting.

Try not to be “too cool” to enjoy this weekend; get out there, make friends and start your time at Eastern off right.

The rest of the campus is rooting for you, we all remember what it felt like to watch our loved ones, and our safety blankets, drive away and leave us alone.

Just know we all felt the same way, and we are all here to support you. Start reaching out and making connections with your fellow students. Remember, the campus is vibrant and full of different people whom all share one thing: we are all happy to be Panthers.

Do not just have enthusiasm for this weekend though, bring that excitement to your classes, to your jobs, to any extra-curricular you join. You most likely chose to come to Eastern, keep reminding yourself why.

Be apart of things that allow your passion and interests to thrive, wake up everyday excited to do something.

When you get stressed or overwhelmed, enjoy those moments as much as you enjoy the happy ones. Every experience you have here, good and bad, will help shape your worldview and who you grow up to become.

Laugh as hard as you cry, feel joy as deeply as you feel pain. Be kind to yourself and others; find yourself changing into someone you can respect and love with every decision you make.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes or take risks, all of those bad choices will be some of what makes these years so special.

Be grateful everyday for where you are, who you are and how you fill your days, because someday we will all miss Eastern and what it allowed us to become.

So go get’em Panthers, and be simply amazing.