EIU students to ‘Take the Lake’

Mercury Bowen, Entertainment Reporter

Eastern students of all ages can relax and have some fun at Take the Lake on Sunday from 1pm to 3pm. Students can enjoy free pretzel bites, minute to win it and lawn games, hiking, music from WEIU, and even free canoe rides.

A school bus will also be on hand to shuttle students from the MLK Jr. Union to Charleston Lake.

Crystal Brown, assistant director of Civic Engagement and Volunteerism,  said the event is an opportunity for students to experience the community resources of Charleston Lake and connect to the community.

Interim Director of Civic Engagement Beth Gillespie said students might have no idea about some of the resources that are available without having access to events like Take the Lake.

“An incoming student might not have any idea that there is over nine miles of brand new trails out there,” Gillespie said.

Students of all ages are encouraged to attend the event and get to know the new students.

Brown said she is most looking forward to seeing the students spending time together and getting to know one another.

“It’s cool to see those bonds starting to form,” Brown said.

The canoe rides are nearly always the students’ favorites according to both Brown and Gillespie.

“There’s a lot of joy,” Gillespie said. “Students just get a kick out of being on the canoes.”

Gillespie said she is looking forward to seeing the students enjoying and discovering the community assets Charleston has to offer.

“It’s just a good way for the new students to come and explore a different part of their new home,” Gillespie said.

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