Actors succeed, storyline fails to meet expectations

Luis Martinez , News Editor

“Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice”, is the second film of the DC Extended Universe, similar to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, and is the follow up to 2013’s Man of Steel.

The film focuses on two of DC’s most popular comic book characters as they meet for the first time in cinematic format.

The film takes its inspiration from two well-known DC storylines, including Frank Miller’s 1986 comic miniseries ”The Dark Knight Returns.”

 The film shows the famed Caped Crusader after 20 years fighting the criminal underworld in Gotham and the famed Man of Steel meet for the first time, and their different ideas of what it means to be a hero clash against each other.

The film was meant to serve as a set-up to the eventual  Justice League  film, which is scheduled for release in 2017, and features the first theatrical appearance of Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, and cameos of The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman.

Now early reviews by critics for the film heavily bashed it, but both Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman and Gadot’s performance as Wonder Woman were praised highly, despite there being reservations by fans when the cast of the film was first announced.

However, now that I have seen the film, I have to say that I thought the film was really well done, but there are a few points in the film that could have been made better.

First off, without giving too many spoilers, the beginning of the film immediately goes into Batman’s origin story and then right into the events that happen at the end of  Man of Steel, which includes Superman’s fight with General Zod, the villain from the previous film.

From this point, it takes a while before things really start to kick off. In the meantime, we seen appearances by Superman, played by Henry Cavill, Lois Lane, played by Amy Adams, and Lex Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg.

Now this is one of the biggest negatives in my opinion of the film. Eisenberg’s portrayal of the fame Superman arch-villain was not what I was expecting.

Luthor, in this film, seemed to be a bit all over the place, a bit neurotic and impulsive, and not at all what I thought it would be.

There is one scene in the film featuring both Luthor and Superman that not only establishing Luthor’s deep hatred for the Son of Krypton, but it also shows that Eisenberg is capable of playing a genuine Lex Luthor, similar to how he was in the comics.

Now, I may be a bit harsh on Luthor’s portrayal, but I feel like there is some room for improvement, especially considering how important Luthor’s character is within the DC comics. I mean, in the film, Luthor manages to pit two of the biggest superheroes in, essentially, a death match against one another.

Cavill’s second take on the all-powerful Man of Steel was a bit better this time around as Superman is now trying better his role as a superhero in a world that sees him as either hope or a new threat.

Unlike Batman, Superman is relatively new to his superhero persona, and while he does his best to save people’s lives, he is still pretty bad at making sure there’s still a city to protect, considering he destroyed part of Metropolis during his fight with Zod.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Superman to begin with, but I do like Cavill’s portrayal of the character, and I am looking forward to how Superman develops more as in his role within DCEU.

I have to agree with the critics about Affleck’s and Gadot’s performances as Batman and Wonder Woman.

I thought they were really good, and I’ll be the first to admit I was not too sold on this new Batman, but I was pleased to have been proven wrong.

Affleck’s performance was spot on as the experienced  Dark Knight, and there have been various instances throughout the film that shows how being Batman has taken its toll, and Affleck does a great job as the older Bruce Wayne.

Gadot’s performance as Wonder Woman was a wonderful surprise. The Israeli actress, known for her roles in the  “Fast and The Furious”  series,  received many favorable reviews for her performance, which is ironic in itself since many fans were against Gadot being casted as the famous Amazonian warrior princess.

Her role was fairly significant in the film and her role in the big fight scene was simply amazing.

The most important thing about  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is all of the cameos and easter eggs to set up the future of DCEU.

The Flash, played by Erza Miller, has two cameos, one of which plays a big role in the future of DCEU, while Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa, shows up just some of his abilities and Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher, gets his role on the silver screen along side his father, Silas Stone.

Most of the big easter eggs, including the Mother Box and the giant Omega symbol shown in Batman’s nightmare, through out the film indicate one thing, Darkseid is coming, which the Earth is going to need its heroes to protect it.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  has its highs and lows, and while critics around the world may have bashed it, many fans did enjoy it, and they are the ones who have the real power.

The film is a milestone has it marks to beginning of the DCEU, and the beginnings of DC biggest superhero team, the Justice League.

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