RSO designs clothing pieces for fashion show


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MADA’s executive board prepares for the trunk show held in the south quad in 2014.

Lexi Stickel, Staff reporter

GLAM will be putting on a fashion show in the Grand Ballroom of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union at 7 p.m. Saturday.

The Merchandising and Apparel Design Association is helping GLAM put on the fashion show.

The MADA team has designed and created four or five pieces of apparel for the show.

The MADA puts on its own fashion shows throughout the year. They also work with GLAM and Couture, which are modeling Registered Student Organizations on campus.

Brandon Mata, a senior dual early childhood and special education major and president of the MADA, said the show has seven scenes, one for each continent.

The MADA will be providing apparel for many different continents.

Mata said the goal of the MADA is to take in family and consumer sciences students and help them enhance on apparel design and show them the business side of design.

Brittany William, advisor of the MADA, said that the goal of the MADA is to help students who have an interest in fashion as an art or a business.

“MADA talks about current styles and trends as well as what is changing every year in the fashion world,” William said.

Mata said that the whole process of creating and designing clothes is very time consuming.

It starts off with turning ideas into what is going to be worn in a fashion show, Mata said.

He said it starts off with looking at pictures, then sketching and designing. Patterning is also a big part of the process. Finally, taking measurements and fittings is one of the last steps.

William said that the process of putting on a fashion show is very hectic.

It starts early and ends late and there are so many last minute things that no one realizes, she said.

“Eastern is not a very creative campus, MADA gets a group of people together that can be creative and can help each other with those feelings that no one else can understand,” William said.

“I love feeding off of other people’s energy and ideas, MADA helps me get a combination of experiences through creating clothes,” Mata said.

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