Friends, musical duo to perform Sunday

Kalyn Hayslett, Verge Editor

Sunday’s flute and clarinet duo recital will be another edition to Dr. Maggie Smith and Dr.Rebecca Johnson long list of performances together which is  a testament to their strong friendship bond.

“We have been playing for nine years together playing in several schools around the state and this is our fourth time performing at Eastern,” Smith said. “We like playing with each other because it is easy especially for this long.”

Their bond not only affects how they interact while performing and preparing but inspired the title of the performance: Musiques avec des amis, meaning music with friends.

“Two-weeks ago we drove to Texas which speaks to our friendship because we were in the car together for over 24 hours and we performed at two different univeristies in Texas partly to see friends and because we were invited to these schools,” Smith said.

Free performance at 2 p.m. in Doudna Fine Arts Center’s Recital Hall will provide a total of nine songs varying in origins, techniques and consisting of solos and duos.

Dr. Johnson and Dr. Smith began preparing for the performance in July meeting together and hand-picking songs specifically for their students and each other in mind.

“We wanted it to be something people will enjoy listening too because sometimes music isn’t fun to listen too,” Smith said.” I believe all of it is pretty easy on the ears and nice to hear.”

Similar to a good friendship a performance needs a good balance which is what they will provide with a mix of slow, up-beat and serious, playful musical choices.

“Some of the music toward the end is really fun and we enjoy to play it but, were more tired by the end of the program so its hard to say it is your favorite when your doing it,” Johnson said.

Johnson will be performing a flute solo called Charanga by Michael Colquhoun written in the ‘50s infused with Latin American sounds and rthymns.

“It’s fun it uses a lot of extended techniques, stuff that are’nt normal flute sounds,  like singing while playing at the same, playing multiple notes a once so cool affects, “ Johnsons said. “ So it won’t sound like anything people know but it is still fun.”

Unfortunately, Threes Dogs Night will not be performing this weekend however, parents, students and faculty can still get their musical fix by attending the recital.

Smith said, We may not be as entertaining as Threes Dog would have been but it is great Sunday afternoon activity because it’s a great product and I would buy it

As professors, it was natural for the performers to consider their students wants, desires and interest when constructing their performance.

“We got started on this path because we love music and we both decided,  at one point, that we love to teach it as well, but the doing is really important because it helps us: be better teachers, helps our students hears us and hopefully get inspired, “ Johnson said.

“We really do this for our students  and its probably top on the list so its really nice when they come and enjoy,” Smith said.


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