Katie Smith (Editor-in-Chief), Victoria Adams (copy editor), Jehad Abbed (assistant sports editor) and Rosie Sacco (copy editor) break down some of the week’s most-talked-about news.

Jehad Can’t

I can’t deal with the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight Saturday. It is the right place at the wrong time. We needed this bout years ago, not now.

Floyd Mayweather is 38-years-old, just two years older than Manny Pacquiao. This fight is all about the names and the money. The spectacle is the definition of ridiculous. No person should pay an extraordinary amount of money to watch two boxers on more than the tail-end of their careers step into the ring fighting as shells of their former selves.


Rose Can

I can deal with not having to wear a coat. Interestingly enough, I am a lover of winter and snow. I am not, however, a fan of coats and all that they stand for: static cling, making me look like I changed my major from journalism to sumo wrestling and putting my body temperature at an all-time high. I am now free to run about without feeling as if I have a child to look after. If my coat were my child I would be one angry mother.  Until next time, coat, I will be enjoying the freedom of sunshine on my sleeveless arms.


Victoria Can’t

I can’t deal with the fact that graduation is eight days away. Going into the “real world” unemployed and living back with my parents is something that I have not wanted to deal with for the entire semester. I am trying to look forward to the next chapter of my life, but it is becoming increasingly more difficult with each passing day. A world where naps and day drinking are frowned upon? Who wants to live like that? I have full-heartedly considered failing a class or two to stick around, but alas my bank account can take no more. I can’t deal with having to grow up.


Katie Can

I am in complete support of Bruce Jenner’s decision to live her life as a female.

Although I am disappointed in some of the public and media’s response to his decision, I am proud she chose to announce it publicly and serve as a positive role model for people who may be questioning their gender and sexual identity.

She has lived most of her life adhering to a stereotypical idea of masculinity and now is her time to fulfill a wish she has likely always had.

To do that in to public eye must be a discouraging and intimidating and I appreciate her example.