Review: “Bloodborne” is an unexpected favorite

Mace Mackiewicz, Verge Reporter

Submitted Photo "Bloodborne," a product of From Software, is an action role-playing game for the PlayStation 4.
Submitted Photo
“Bloodborne,” a product of From Software, is an action role-playing game for the PlayStation 4.

“Bloodborne” isn’t the type of game I normally see myself enjoying.

From Software’s past games have put me off by how hard they were and how obtuse the games mechanics always seem to be.

But “Bloodborne” has unexpectedly become my new favorite PlayStation 4 game.

“Bloodborne” is a typical game from From Software; the game is unforgivingly hard.

It starts out in a world with little direction, but isn’t unfair. Every path and fight is trying to teach you how to get through.

Unlike past From Software games though, the combat in this game is faster paced.

Instead of slow and methodical, it can be quick and chaotic and that might be partly why I like this game so much.

You’re thrown into the world of Yharnam, a place that has been infected by the resource it celebrated the most, blood.

People in the world of Yharnam have started to take on beastial forms and have gone mad.

You are a hunter who goes through the world slaying monsters and other corrupted hunters.

Although most of the story is given through notes on the floor and through seaking out conversations with non-player charcters throughout the game, everything about the world of Yharnam kept me intrigued throughout the game.

As you get further into the game, the game starts to turn nightmarish.

The enemies at the beginning of the game are human with beast like qualities, but by the end of the game you’re fighting enemies that are grotesque and make you dread fighting them.

The boss fights in this game are extremely satisfying as well.

For some bosses it can feel like your banging your head against a brick wall but once you get through that brick wall it’s satisfying as hell.

One of the coolest things about the game are the weapons.

Usually the main form is faster and the transformed weapon is bigger with more range and damage capabilities.

Your strength of your weapon is determined by what you put your levels into.

You’ll want to decide what kind of build you want for your character pretty quickly though if you don’t want to end up underpowered in the middle of the game.

The bosses in the game are well designed and can seem too difficult go up against at first, but if you learn from the boss’ moves and adapt, you should eventually be able to take them down.

I also recommend going to all the optional areas in the game if you can find them, the atmosphere and ambiance of these areas are incredible and help make the game even more interesting.

The only real flaw with the game is the loading times are abysmal and it can take from 15 seconds to a minute to go between areas after you die or when you want to teleport from one part of the game to another.

There are also some odd glitches in certain parts of the game with low frame rates and odd sound glitches, but they’re few and far between.

I also don’t recommend this to people who don’t have much patience.

This game requires a lot of retries and retreading of areas until you can find a shortcut back to a lantern.

Sometimes the distance between these short cuts can be extremely frustrating.

I give this game a 9 out of 10 for being such a unique game in the current climate and for how fun and rewarding the game is.

Mace Mackiewicz is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].