How to beat the wind with wardrobe additions

Kalyn Hayslett, Verge Reporter

Submitted Photo Maxi dresses are essential pieces in a spring wardrobe, especially on windy days when shorter dresses prove to be dangerous.
Submitted Photo
Maxi dresses are essential pieces in a spring wardrobe, especially on windy days when shorter dresses prove to be dangerous.

Spring is the season with the most unpredictable weather and seeing how fashion correlates with the weather is it important to know the forecast for the day.

However, through the rain and sunshine one element remains true: the flowing, free and forceful wind.

The wind can be the perfect enhancer for any picture.

The wind can flow through hair creating bounce and movement or it can be a bully, playing a non-stop game of freeze tag with every breeze.

When determining how to prepare yourself for spring breezes you have to think like the wind and beat it at its own game.

The best part of the wind is creating effortless movement.

So having clothing that will flow with the wind to create the image of you floating and elevating is the goal.

How can this be done?

Well, it is quite simple.

Fringe is a design element of long strips or string-like material that creates movement for any piece of clothing whether that is a top, skirt, dress or jacket.

This element reminds me of wind chimes that are placed in the lawn during spring.

There are typically four skinny chimes naturally hang but when the wind hits them they float and elicit a beautiful melody.

A chiffon kimono is the perfect example with its smooth shear material that delicately lays over the shoulders, covers the torso and usually flows past the hips.

It is an oversized jacket with loose fitting sleeves, which just by itself is perfect for spring because of the floral and colorful prints on lightweight fabric, so when the wind hits it flutters.

The addition of fringe at the hem allows the kimono to have this amazing shake and sway while walking.

This will catch the attention of others because of the spontaneous and unpredictable natural movement like the uninhibited music of the chimes.

Chiffon kimonos, short sleeve ponchos and jackets with fringe can be found at Tanger Outlets for less than $30 at stores like Rue 21.

Maxi dresses are an essential for the spring as well.

This is found mainly with thin straps or sleeveless with a long flowy fabric that falls to the ground.

I recommend finding a dress that has a defined waist whether that is created with elastic bands or belts. Yes, the maxi dress will create that movement but the combination of waistless and loose material will cause you to look like a walking curtain.

The key is to showcase your shape and just add that extra dimension of fabric ruffling in the wind.

Another added element for the maxi dresses is to look for an allusion top which gives the look as if you have noting on but in reality you are fully clothed.

They can be done with the use of lace, chiffon, tasteful cutouts and strappy detail.

The effortless look of the allusion top combined with the movement of the flowly bottom will match well with the windy weather.

Maurices in Charleston has a large variety of maxi dresses with several prints to choose from and are relatively affordable.

Kalyn Hayslett is a sophomore journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].