Brunch to bring unity to campus

Cayla Maurer, Verge Editor

The National Association of Colored Women’s Club will kick off African-American Heritage month with a free brunch Sunday.

The Women Improving Lives Chapter of NACWC will host the U.N.I.T.Y. Brunch: Black by Popular Demand at noon in the Grand Ballroom.

Maya Pitts, NACWC president, said the brunch allows people from different organizations and backgrounds to come together to learn the purpose of African-American Heritage Month and celebrate the month.

“Our campus and our community needs unity,” Pitts said. “By doing this together, we can take this unity from Eastern’s campus out into the community.”

Sarah Smith, NACWC vice president, said they invited members from the Illinois State NACWC chapter to celebrate with everyone at Eastern.

“We want to bring everyone together in a positive light,” Smith said. “We are definitely in need of unity on this campus.”

Pitts said the group ran through ideas such as a tea party and lunch for the event, but chose a brunch to allow people getting out of church or chapter meetings to participate in the event.

Brunch will be served from 12-1 p.m. When brunch is over, the performances will begin.

Rhythm and Xtacy and the African Student Association dancers will each be dancing individual dances, but will also be sharing the stage for the first time ever for a dance collaboration.

Faythe Missick, a choreographer for the African Student Association dancers, said that there are times when there conflicts within the minority, but this is a way to bring unity within.

“This is a great way to promote community and to promote family within the minority and to show the campus what we can do,” said.

Student will be paying tribute to prominent African-American figures through poetry. Students will also be free styling poetry.

Couture Models will be doing a fashion show to showcase the history of fashion throughout the years.

In between performances trivia questions will be asked about certain organizations and television shows.

“It’s socializing, but socializing with a purpose to know more about African-American heritage,” Pitts said.

NACWC will also be teaching line dances specific to the African-American culture.

Pitts hopes that new people come to the event that haven’t participated before.

“I want to see a variety of people in the crowd… people I haven’t met before,” Pitts said. “I want diversity and unity.”

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