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The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

The Daily Eastern News

The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

The Daily Eastern News

Kyla Moton is a junior English major and can be reached at 217-581-2812.

COLUMN: It is okay to not be sure

Kyla Moton, Columnist April 10, 2023

Recently, it has hit me that my time in college is coming to an end fairly quickly. I entered college as a freshman in the fall of 2020. College has definitely been different for me from my first semester...

Trent Jonas is a graduate student studying English and can be reached at 217-581-2812.

COLUMN: Dear airports, I hate you- love me

Trent Jonas, Columnist February 27, 2023

As I write this, I am sitting in an airport.  Airports are places of contradiction for me. On the one hand, they symbolize adventure, exploration, and the promise of new experiences. On the other hand,...

Cynthia Kmety, the mental health promotion coordinator at the HERC compiled informational packets talking about mental health available to attendees.

Self care open session informs students on how to take care of themselves

Adriana Hernadez-Santana, Junior Feature Editor January 24, 2023

Managing stress is a very important reason as to why self-care exists and it doesn’t have to be the same thing for every person.  Cynthia Kmety, the mental health promotion coordinator, shares tips...

Katja Benz is a senior English major and can be reached at 217-581-2812.

COLUMN: Burn out and stress, a recipe for even more distress

Katja Benz, Columnist October 17, 2022

College is weird. People have so much to do, but you have so little time to do so. For example; I’m in classes, working two jobs and a social life, not to mention doing homework, and grad school applications....

Dear stressed student: You aren’t alone

Katelyn Eddington January 17, 2020

I had a great break. It was relaxing and fun, and I was so stress-free. I had forgotten how the feeling of being stress-free was.  Then I got back and became a big ball of nervous stress, a ticking...

Napping sounds good right about now

Megan Keane, Columnist December 4, 2019

Finals are upon us.  For some of us, this week has been full of struggle and stress and big papers, projects, and presentations. Some of us have been studying tirelessly as a preventive measure to...

Prioritize health as much as school

Kate Rehwinkel, Columnist April 16, 2019

With finals around the corner and presentations and projects due in a few weeks, don’t forget to relax. These past two weeks have been killer. I have four presentations in one week coming up, and I just...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Cherish this week, keep working hard, stay optimistic

Staff Editorial April 7, 2019

This week is one that all of us at Eastern need to cherish and enjoy while it lasts. There are a lot of things that will be coming up soon, and this week can provide us all with the opportunities to relax...

College 101: How to relieve stress

Elizabeth Wood, Staff Reporter February 27, 2019

Stress is in the air this week as midterm deadlines begin to loom over student’s heads. Various assignments and tests accumulate on top of desks and inside book bags that only their owners can seem to...

What to do when life is uncertain, time flies

February 10, 2019

Tomorrow, you are one day closer to the next chapter of your life. The day after that, you have graduated college and are on to your first job. And finally, the day after that, you have little grandchildren...

Take a break before you break down

Staff Editorial February 7, 2019

It’s no secret; college students are stressed out. There’s a lot of pressure put on us, and there’s a lot of pressure we put on ourselves, to excel in classes, find jobs soon after graduation, pay...

Students to de-stress before final exams

Mercury Bowen, Entertainment Reporter November 29, 2018

With final exams coming up, students will have the opportunity to take part in crafts, food and a viewing of a movie Thursday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m in the University Ballroom of the Martin Luther King Jr....

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