Self care open session informs students on how to take care of themselves


Adriana Hernandez-Santana

Cynthia Kmety, the mental health promotion coordinator at the HERC compiled informational packets talking about mental health available to attendees.

Adriana Hernadez-Santana, Junior Feature Editor

Managing stress is a very important reason as to why self-care exists and it doesn’t have to be the same thing for every person. 

Cynthia Kmety, the mental health promotion coordinator, shares tips and advice on how to care for yourself, as well as some tricks she uses as well.  

Self care is to help the individual set up their own personal boundaries, and allows the opportunity to take care of yourself before anyone else. 

There are four types of self-care. This includes physical, mental, emotionally, and spiritual. 

Kmety talks about a self-care app called Finch, which requires you to set goals for the day. When goals are met, your pet Finch is allowed to go out and have adventures, all while you are taking care of yourself.

When it comes to physical health, it can mean exercising, eating well, and getting more sleep.

Sounds easy, right? But we’re college kids!

Admittedly, this is easier said than done. But 30 minutes of exercise daily is a great way to start. Getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep is a great help as well. 

Another important thing is rewarding yourself. After you finish a big task, be kind to yourself. 

Listen to a nice podcast, part-take in a relaxing hobby, or even take a nice bath.

Something else to take into account is your social connections. If you yourself need some help, don’t be afraid to reach out! Talk to a friend, practice active listening, even doing a video chat with a family member.

Kmety says that she likes to write pen-pal-like letters to her sister and best friend to stay connected. 

Even when students are working hard and studying, Kmety recommends to try and take a break every 45 minutes to help keep productivity levels up. She also advises having a designated spot and time to do your studies. Putting your phone on silent is also great to help yourself focus on your work.

The last bit of advice she offers is connecting with your values. For some, this may be a religious practice, but it’s not only limited to that. It can also be connected to your own spiritual and self care needs. 

Doing things like spending a lot of time outside and connecting with nature is a great way to do it. Kmety also recommends others to try a good yoga or meditation video to try and help yourself feel more grounded. In her words, it’s a great way to ‘incorporate mindfulness and moving.’

For those individuals who prefer to keep some things to themselves, journaling could be a great option too!

But why practice this? Kmety says that self-care is oftentimes forgotten, but can end up being extremely beneficial to everyone when they use it. 

“For me, self-care is so important because as college students, we have so much going on,” she said. “We have a lot of priorities and things to think about for the future, so a lot of people forget to just take a moment to relax and it’s a great way to remember that you’re a priority too.”


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