STAFF EDITORIAL: Cherish this week, keep working hard, stay optimistic

Staff Editorial

This week is one that all of us at Eastern need to cherish and enjoy while it lasts.

There are a lot of things that will be coming up soon, and this week can provide us all with the opportunities to relax while we can.

There are only four weeks left in the semester before the long-awaited summer break, and the closing weeks of the semester also bring about some of the most stress.

Projects and homework pile up, then before we realize it, finals are a day away and we have not studied for any of them and we need to do well to keep a certain grade.

So, before those days hit us like a pile of bricks, we can try to enjoy this week with the things it offers us.

Greek Week is here, and there will be plenty of fun events for the Greek Life members to enjoy together.

Even if you are not in a sorority or fraternity, wish some luck upon your friends or classmates who are. They would appreciate it, especially after all the time and effort they put into practicing for some of the events.

And feed off the energy they provide; feed off any energy anyone around you provides this week.

This week is that sort of awkward break in the semester where projects are looming, but they are not quite here and we just got done with the surplus of work following midterms.

So enjoy this ‘sort-of’ break we are getting from work.

What better way to do that than go to the Spring Concert Thursday in McAfee Gymnasium?

The performing group, lovelytheband, may not have been who you personally wanted, but college is a time to experience things you may not otherwise have.

Go to the concert and enjoy the performance of the group and have fun dancing with your friends and yelling to the songs.

And, right on time, spring is here.

The 70-degree days are upon us and the weather will start to be more friendly to us.

Get outside, go for a walk or lounge around with some friends in one of the quads.

Better yet, join the group of students casually throwing a Frisbee around in the grass quads, or if you do have homework, find a nice patch to chill at and complete the tasks at hand.

There are other things to do as well, and we want you to remember that this week is providing us all with things we can use and indulge in to feel some relaxation and a kind of break from the stresses we just got past and are about to face.

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