COLUMN: Burn out and stress, a recipe for even more distress


Rob Le Cates

Katja Benz is a senior English major and can be reached at 217-581-2812.

Katja Benz, Columnist

College is weird. People have so much to do, but you have so little time to do so.

For example; I’m in classes, working two jobs and a social life, not to mention doing homework, and grad school applications. When I started my senior year, I thought I could handle it, and so far, I am. However, I’m so overwhelmed that it’s not even funny.

I didn’t think that I would have to spread myself in thirty different directions just to make ends meet. While I feel like I’ve got a decent handle on things, I need to pace myself better. I’m so stressed that I don’t know what to do to stop.

According to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s Learning Center, many students become stressed with responsibilities. “College students commonly experience stress because of increased responsibilities, a lack of good time management, changes in eating and sleeping habits, and not taking enough breaks for self-care,” the Learning Center said.

It’s not that I necessarily have more responsibility, it’s just that I feel like I have enough time to work on stuff. I’ve noticed that it’s impacting the way I see things. I’ve noticed that it’s impacting the way I study.

Chronic stress can “interfere with studying or class attendance, interfere with cognitive processes such as attention and concentration, (and) contribute to major health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and anxiety,” University of North Carolina said.

Since I’m applying to grad school this year, I feel like I have no time for anything. I’ve noticed that this is the most stressed I’ve ever been. And that other students have been too.

I’m applying to grad school to get a degree in College Student Affairs. It can be called Higher Education Administration or Higher Education. While the transition I went through was easy, it may not be for others. I like helping students, but I personally am better with students that are older than 18 than younger than 18.

I want to be a college student’s support system, especially for disabled college students. These students need a support system and someone that knows what it’s like to be a disabled college student.

I want college for others to have a good experience too. You deserve it and you deserve someone that will help you through the process. I know that I need a support system and everyone else does too.

If you need help, please reach out to someone. People are willing to help you. I know it’s mid semester, and we’re all burned out. But we got this. We got this!

Katja Benz is a senior English major. She can be reached at [email protected] or 217-581-2812.