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Column: Eastern needs forward mentality on offense

Column: Eastern needs forward mentality on offense

Dillan Schorfheide, Sports Editor

October 1, 2019

“Shoot it!” “Go forward!” And, a disgruntled, “Oh my gosh,” when the Eastern men’s soccer team trailed the ball backward again. It is fair to say the Panther fans were a little aggravated when the men’s soccer team refused to take a fairly open, and fairly well set up, shot from outsi...

10 foundation secrets for a flawless, beautiful finish

Abiola Alafe, Fashion Columnist

March 22, 2018

These ten secrets will walk you through how to apply your liquid foundation. They are actually simple and easy to follow, and they guarantee a flawlessly beautiful finish. 1. Always make sure your face is freshly cleaned and moisturized before applying your liquid foundation. 2. Make sure you select...

Kennedy’s January tips: Eat soup, bathe in mayonnaise

Kennedy Nolen, Columnist

January 16, 2018

This column is taking my constantly working, singular brain cell too much time to think of a topic. What if you cannot think of a topic to write about? It could be for a paper or a column for the local newspaper. My advice: Crack open a bottle of wine, go to your friend’s house and brainstorm together....

Only dead fish swim with the stream

Liz Stephens, Columnist

October 1, 2017

We all have weird habits, and one of mine is that I write down inspirational quotes for myself everyday. I developed this habit after watching a Netflix series called “Being Mary Jane,” which is about a news anchor and her daily life. In the show about the life of Mary Jane Paul, it shows her...

Family weekend from a townie’s perspective

Liz Stephens, Columnist

September 17, 2017

Every time Family Weekend rolls around, it is just another weekend for me. A normal weekend for me consists of working about twenty hours between two of my jobs, working on homework and relaxing in any extra spare time. I grew up in Charleston, so I have never felt the need to celebrate Family...

Be willing to listen

Ben Leman, Columnist

September 17, 2017

In today’s world, we often hear stories of suicide and teenage depression on the news, TV shows, books, etc. For some of us, we never really expect it to affect us personally until it actually happens. It is like a freight train. I had a friend in high school who ended up hurting himself in private....

Clear out your junk and go live

Liz Stephens, Columnist

September 10, 2017

A question I have had on my mind lately is “why do we put so much value in material items or just stuff?” We work our hind ends off in life to buy stuff, whether it be luxury stuff or cheap stuff. I think it is a weird concept and habit we have by revolving our entire life around buying things and...

Travel can be healthy

Shelby Niehaus, Columnist

June 2, 2017

During the last two weeks, I have traveled some 3,500 miles by car, bus, airplane and foot. Originally, I did not intend my extended travel break to be therapeutic, but I needed to get away from Illinois for a while. Central Illinois, while a lovely locale, has been weighing me down. Lately, the...

Column: Byron’s life, legacy touch entire campus community

Rashod Whitaker, Contributing Writer

May 1, 2017

I was not Byron Edingburg’s best friend, nor was I his favored companion. I was more like his frequent associate my sophomore year. I had seen him around on campus passing by, heading towards Old Main as I walked into Thomas Hall. He was immediately recognizable with his fuzzy facial hair and slim...

Column: Hard season for relationships, fish

Abby Carlin, Copy Editor

February 27, 2017

Fall snuggles and late night bonfire season has passed, Christmas lights and holiday movie marathons have come and gone, New Years kisses have dissipated and Valentine’s flowers rotting in the garbage and chocolates are sitting comfortably right above where your favorite pants rest. This time of year...

Column: Silencing media comes with consequences

Mallory Kutnick, Staff Reporter

February 9, 2017

Picture yourself waking up on a late summer’s morning. You drag yourself out of bed to get ready for the day that awaits you. Breakfast has come and gone, and you have had your pot of coffee. Just another day. Only there is no paper wrapped in plastic tossed haphazardly in your bushes by a paperboy in a rush. Your...

Column: Reflection on coming to America: part two

Kehinde Abiodun, Staff Reporter

January 30, 2017

I must mention that the Charleston community was welcoming to international students. On the first day of orientation at Eastern, Salisbury, a church Madison avenue, hosted new students to an assortment of American dishes in its palatial space. The following day, the Newman Center repeated the same...

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