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High turnout for Charleston precincts

November 9, 2016

  As the official Election Day came to Charleston and voters saw an end to an unconventional political season, many made their opinions noted by voting in areas around the community. Some precincts...

Students, professors break down Trump’s tax returns

October 6, 2016

  Professors and students at Eastern helped explain the significance of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s recent tax release controversy and how they believe it will affect the upcoming...

Editorial: Remember the historic first debate

September 28, 2016

Two nights ago, over 81.4 million Americans tuned in to the most-viewed presidential debate in American history. Newsday even suggests that, with added public viewings and streaming figures, the total...

Presidential debate covers policy, personal attacks

Audience members laugh at Donald Trump’s rebutal to a question reguarding his tax information during the Presidential Debate Monday in Lumpkin Auditorium. Addison Bounds (grey Adidas shirt), a senior marketing major, said he thought this part of the debate was especially laughable because Trump’s response was “just very off topic.”
September 27, 2016

  The first presidential debate was full of policy and personal attacks, as well as plans for the future. Students gathered Monday night in the Roberson Auditorium in Lumpkin Hall to watch the...

Column: Students should vote this year

September 16, 2016

The 2016 Presidential Election is just a few months away, and that raises the ultimate question. Who should I vote for? Well, I am not going to tell you who to vote for or anything like that, but...

Letter to the Editor: Don’t begrudgingly vote Clinton

September 9, 2016

Throughout this campaign, we have all heard many reasons why we should not elect Donald Trump as our next president. Although, despite the intense anxiety the word “Trump” generates, the feeling on...

Column: Conference showing cannot save Trump

September 7, 2016

Donald Trump held a press conference on Aug. 31, 2016 with the current leader of Mexico, President Enrique Nieto. The president made strong remarks regarding the intensity of the debate and the active...

Column: Pick the lesser of 2 evils this November

August 24, 2016

The current presidential election has been a rather extraordinary cycle, with candidates from three different parties: the libertarian party, the republican party and the democratic party. This election...

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