Column: Pick the lesser of 2 evils this November

Juan Nevarez, Staff Reporter

The current presidential election has been a rather extraordinary cycle, with candidates from three different parties: the libertarian party, the republican party and the democratic party. This election has also developed a rather different kind of following, ranging from young voters to older voters. While there are valid and pressing criticisms for all candidates, one must stand out in this cycle: Hilary Clinton is clearly the best of the candidates due to the nature of the two party system we have in place.

Hillary Clinton is not the best of candidates overall, but as sad as this comes off, she is the best candidate for the job presently. The general thing with both major party delegates is that both have made strong remarks on their beliefs this election. However, let us be clear about one main point: Mr. Trump’s remarks have brought out the white nationalists, which is something everyone should be considering during this election. An even more pressing worry even than the threat of white nationalists is the reactions of voters more towards the middle that think that Trump’s beliefs and words are solid while still considering themselves warm hearted individuals.

Hillary has more experience in politics and a clear and evident great foreign policy where we will not be using nukes to defeat the enemies of the United States. She lies far less than Donald Trump, she respects minorities far more than Donald Trump, she has worked as an attorney for give or take 15 years, she defends women’s rights to choose in abortion and health care and she wants the wealthy to pay their fair share.

Donald Trump has negated business deals and contracts and has had several bankruptcies under his belt. None of these are good qualities to be the leader of the free world. His track record speaks an immense amount about his character.

According to a USA Today Network analysis published on June 2nd 2016, Donald Trump has been involved in over 3,500 lawsuits, mostly involving unpaid workers. Some of these unpaid workers were migrant workers, and some were naturalized citizens.

Donald Trump would make a great spokesperson for white nationalism. He would easily make a fortune representing that area of the United States. I would see no surprise in the future if the white nationalists would join forces with the Tea Party, which would greatly reflect the idea of Richard Nixon’s GOP TV idea.

At least the American people can make an understanding of Clinton’s policies, but can you make an understanding of Donald Trump and his vague, nonexistent policies? Donald Trump is losing in all 7 popular battleground states, which is amazing! Iowa has been dropping to an even margin for Hilary Clinton, and if “the” Donald Trump was politically intelligent he would strategize to defend Iowa, but his defeat could be settled if Clinton wins Ohio, which could very well be the decisive blow towards Mr. Trump.

When the November election takes place, everyone should be involved. If Clinton takes Ohio, Nevada, Florida, New Hampshire, Iowa, Colorado and Virginia, the outcome would be extraordinary and possibly make the election a landslide. There has been a lot of pandering on both sides of the spectrum for particular votes, but I would rather vote for the panderer of minority votes than the panderer of fear mongers, the white rural paranoids and racists.

Juan Nevarez is a senior psychology major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].