Letter to the Editor: Don’t begrudgingly vote Clinton

Jonathan M. Williams

Throughout this campaign, we have all heard many reasons why we should not elect Donald Trump as our next president. Although, despite the intense anxiety the word “Trump” generates, the feeling on campus appears to be that students will hold their noses and choose Hillary Clinton as the lesser of two evils. Please do not do it! I want you to reconsider your vote.

Secretary Clinton is not simply an alternative to our fears. She deserves our votes, and here is why.

Through her service as First Lady, a U.S. Senator and finally as Secretary of State, Clinton has overcome never-ending animosity from her opponents in her quest to make our world a better place. Twenty years before the Affordable Care Act, Clinton risked her political future fighting for Canadian-style universal health care, which would have alleviated many of the issues that remain unaddressed despite President Obama’s health care reforms. While she lost, she took up a historic fight that nobody else had the courage to. Additionally, Clinton has earned the support of our nation’s financial sector, which is not a scandal. The support of Wall Street suggests a faith of business leaders in the ability of a Clinton administration to generate and maintain financial stability. Finally, Clinton’s unmatched experience in the realm of foreign policy will bolster our nation’s ability to combat the threat of global terrorism.

Therefore, do not just mark the oval next to Hillary Clinton’s name as the only electable alternative to Donald Trump. I am asking you to proudly and enthusiastically vote for the most qualified candidate in generations to throw her hat in the ring. Quite simply, do not just vote against Donald Trump. That is obvious. Vote for Hillary Clinton to be our 45th president.

-Jonathan M. Williams, political science  graduate student