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Editorial: Remember the historic first debate

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Two nights ago, over 81.4 million Americans tuned in to the most-viewed presidential debate in American history. Newsday even suggests that, with added public viewings and streaming figures, the total viewership of Monday’s debate might have been over 100 million.

This figure surpassed the previous debate record, set in 1980, and, if streaming figures indeed lend a significant boost to the debate’s numbers, shattered the previous record. If you watched the debate last night, you were part of history.

The staff of The Daily Eastern News does not expect any future generations to clamber for stories of our historic night sitting in Lumpkin Hall, Andrews Hall, the newsroom or our apartments and watching adults argue live.

We do expect, however, to regale the future generations with stories of why we watched the debates. We expect to embellish our children’s future history classes with tales of how much the historic 2016 election scared or excited us. We look forward to recounting the controversies surrounding the major candidates. We have already prepared statements on how, at the packed debate viewing party, we felt the cracks in the two-party system, and how we debated on the merits and pitfalls of voting Independent.

If you are like the staff of the News, you can already tell that, for better or for worse, this election will fundamentally change how we think of American elections, and possibly American politics in general. For this reason, we encourage our readers to read the post-debate recaps and analyses—someday, some bright young student might ask you, the primary source, about it.

And in the meantime, if you missed the debate, keep an eye out for soundbites and clips. We at the News hold that, assuming this election is a powerful and vital game-changer, voting this November is of the highest importance. A voting public is nothing if it is not informed.

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Editorial: Remember the historic first debate