COLUMN: “Buddy Daddies” is light-hearted, but touches on some truth


Karyne Allen, Columnist

Anime about family life is one of the best types of anime to me because it is always just so silly most of the time. “Buddy Daddies” is an anime that came out this year and I have to say this anime is how I imagine having a kid is like.  

“Buddy Daddies” is about two guys who are assassins named Kazuki and Rei that do different jobs. Miri comes to Tokyo to find her dad by herself, but she has never met her dad before.  

The two men are on a job to kill a mafia boss that later turns out to her father. Miri blows up their plan to kill the Mafia boss quietly and ends up being taken hostage by the Mafia boss.  

The boss has no idea he has a kid, and this is probably the reason he takes her as hostage.  

Kazuki says he is her father to get her to jump away from the mafia boss and come him so he can keep her safe. They kill the mafia boss, but they are stuck with Miri now and have no idea what to do with her.  

The season goes on to follow their everyday life and how they are doing has her “fathers.”  I honestly think Miri reminds me of her some kids act with her being hyper all the time and always just wanting to help. Miri ends up causing a mess more of the time than not.  

She has also changed Kazuki and Rei’s lives and made them have something to care about. 

The truth about this show is that it makes me think back to when I was a kid and would mess up a lot and was just getting into everything I could see.  

This anime is funnier than not most of the time and it does have some violence in it. I enjoy the animation because of how smooth it looks. All the highlights used in the show and the color pops they use on each character. 

I also like that they make Miri act like a child would in real life and not have her do the craziest things. I also enjoy this show because it shows both Kazuki and Ren are not just super fathers and know everything about kids.  

They learn and make mistakes like any parent does in real life and must get help sometimes. They even showed them learning what daycare was and how to get her enrolled in one.  

I also love that it shows the effort it takes to raise a kid and that it is not always easy or fun that it takes hard work.  

This is why I love this anime. It keeps it fun but shows that it is not always fun to have a kid and that it can be hard. Also, it is a learning experience that they had to take care of her.  

This anime is fun to watch, and anyone could enjoy it.  

Karyne Allen is a senior journalism major. She can be reached at [email protected] or 217-581-2812.