Homecoming Week provides game night, fun for families


Ashanti Thomas

Molly Fasnacht lets her child play around with different games at family fun night in the University Ballroom of Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Kyara Morales-Rodriguez, Campus Reporter

Family Fun Night, an event held as part of Homecoming Week, was open to families in the Eastern and Charleston community Wednesday night in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Light-up hula hoops, jumbo yard games, tabletop games and families doing photoshoots with inflatable 90s cell phones and microphones, playing Simon Says with Billy the Panther and playing bingo for prizes while Disney songs play softly in the background. 

All that and more was found in the University Ballroom, which became a space for games during Family Fun Night.  

Over 15 families attended the event, enjoying the various activities the University Board provided for the evening.  

Daniel Moore, left, and Elizabeth Morris, right, are directed to put their hands on top of their heads in a game of Simon Says hosted by Caylee Conway, a sophomore early childhood education major, for the family fun night event in the University Ballroom of Martin Luther King Jr. University Union. (Ashanti Thomas)

Ashley Richardson, a senior special education student, is the University Board’s homecoming coordinator. She said that every Homecoming, the University Board includes an event for the children in the community.  

Richardson said that this event was specifically for Charleston families and children because it shows Eastern’s appreciation for them.  

“I feel like Eastern is run by the community in a way,” Richardson said. “Almost everyone who lives here works here, and they just do a lot for us, so it’s our way of giving back to them.” 

Destiny Carter, a Charleston resident, said she attended the event with her niece, who is an Eastern student, and her daughter. She said she attended Family Fun Night for her niece, who “wanted to interact with the school.” 

She said that it was nice that Eastern hosted an event to help students and their families do something fun and unrelated to their education.  

“I think it’s fun,” Carter said. “It’s very nice to incorporate the entire family. The kids are here on campus alone, so their families can come here and have fun with them.” 

Carter and her daughter played with a giant-sized Connect 4, Carter lifting her daughter up to help her fit the giant green rings through the game board’s columns.  

Destiny Carter plays a game of Connect 4 with her daughter during family fun night in the University Ballroom of Martin Luther King Jr. University Union. (Ashanti Thomas)

“My baby is enjoying it, so I’m enjoying it because she’s enjoying it,” Carter said.  

Richardson said she was happy with the turnout. 

“[The kids are] really cute,” she said. “Really cute, especially when Billy walked in, their faces lit up.”  

Dozens of kids attended the event, running around the ballroom, playing games and enjoying an assortment of chips and cookies. 

Veronica Ready, a Charleston resident, said she attended Family Fun Night with her daughter and her neighbor, who is one of her daughter’s best friends. She said this was her first time attending the event.  

“A lot of my friends on Facebook, social media, was posting about it and talking about it,” Ready said. “Just thought we’d come give it a try.” 

Ready said that during their time at the event, the kids played Jenga and Operation, colored a banner and played bags. She said that “the kids are having a lot of fun.” 

“I work in the school district, the Charleston school district, so it’s nice to be able to do things here at Eastern,” Ready said.  

Anne Thibault Geen sings along to music playing with her daughter at family fun night in the University Ballroom of Martin Luther King Jr. University Union. (Ashanti Thomas)

Amy Morris, the office manager for the geology and geography department, as well as the chemistry and biochemistry department, attended the event with her husband and two daughters. One of which, Lily Morris, was crowned the 2022 Homecoming Little Princess on Monday night.

Morris said that her family decided to attend Family Fun Night because she “knew her kids would enjoy it.” 

She said that they loved taking photos in the photo booth, playing Operation, bowling with the giant bowling set and playing Bingo.  

“I just love spending time with my family and seeing them smile,” she said.  

Many parents with their children attend family fun night to let them have fun and play games such as bingo, bowling, hula-hooping, connect four, and more in the University Ballroom of Martin Luther King Jr. University Union. There was also snacks and drinks provided as well as a photo booth. (Ashanti Thomas)

Homecoming Week will feature more events during the week. Richardson said she is most excited for the Block Party Pep Rally happening on Friday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.  

“What I’m most excited to see is our Block Party on Friday, because we’ve never really done anything like it, so I’m really excited to see the campus community, alumni, everyone just come out, have fun, listen to some music, eat some food, and if they’re 21, have a drink,” Richardson said. 


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