COLUMN: We owe it to female educators


Ellen Dooley

Ellen Dooley, Columnist

This Women’s History Month, we should be thanking the women who taught us. Although there are men who are educators, the teaching profession is mostly dominated by women. These women taught us everything from reading, writing, and other useful life skills. Without these women, we would lack serious skills that allow us to function in our everyday life.  

EIU has a history of being a school for educators. After all, that’s where EIU’s roots were planted – as a school for educators. During the institution’s first couple of years and even until now, EIU has put many strong female teachers into the workforce.  

Women have educated generations of students who become influential leaders or even scientists who make breaking discoveries. Without these women, there may be some things in society that are completely different.  

While it is important to remember women who have done such tremendous things, it is also important to remember women who have done smaller things. For example, a librarian at a school who has taught students for years how to read and have helped students find what they are passionate about.  

I know one woman I look back on is my eighth-grade science teacher. She always instilled in us that we could do anything we put our minds to. She also inspired students to pursue what they were interested in. She encouraged us to read or study what we were genuinely curious about.  

These women are the ones that we should remember during Women’s History Month. They may have had a small effect on a certain number of people, but they are engrained in our personal histories. That goes for anyone. It doesn’t have to be the teacher who introduced you into your life’s work, but one who inspired you.  

This month isn’t about memorizing every famous woman who contributed to society. It is about those women who made an impact on people’s lives. It does not matter if it is big or small. You may even think back to maybe an elementary school teacher who helped you read or write. That woman is engraved into your history. Not just the world’s history, but your own. 

That woman made an impact on your life, just as Madam Curie made an impact on the scientific community. Now, we are kind of comparing apples and oranges, but women all over the world make an impact on people every day. They are the people that raise us and shape us into who we are. Whether it be for the better or worse, they change our lives.  

We all have that one teacher we look back on. They taught us something that sticks with us for the rest of our lives. This month, remember them with honor and pride.

Ellen Dooley is a sophomore special education standard major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]