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The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

The Daily Eastern News

The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

The Daily Eastern News

COLUMN: Educators need to be more valued

COLUMN: Educators need to be more valued

Ellen Dooley, Opinions Editor April 17, 2024

There is a national shortage of teachers. It has been the same thing we have been hearing since COVID-19 hit, and there seems to be no rebound.  It is because of one thing: teachers are not being valued.  According...

Kyla Moton is a junior English major and can be reached at 217-581-2812.

COLUMN: Is the school system fighting against us?

Kyla Moton, Columnist February 5, 2023

We aren’t even a full week into Black History Month and there is already a push to keep black history out of our schools for whatever reason. School should be a place of refuge for our children. It...

Trent Jonas is a graduate student studying English and can be reached at 217-581-2812.

COLUMN: Learning is supposed to hurt, it is how we grow

Trent Jonas, Columnist January 30, 2023

I am what you might call a veteran of higher education.   I have an undergraduate degree, two graduate degrees, and am here at EIU working on a third graduate degree. I like to think of myself as...

Take big business out of education

Take big business out of education

Ellen Dooley, Columnist June 29, 2022

If there was one thing I learned in high school, college will be expensive and I must stand out. It was always having the best SAT or ACT scores, doing extracurricular activities, or making connections....

Ellen Dooley

COLUMN: A professor who cares

Ellen Dooley, Columnist April 19, 2022

We all have those classes that we just need to take to say we took them, right? Depending on your major, you might have a list of general education classes you need to take. One of the ones I needed to...

Ellen Dooley

COLUMN: Mental health in students, teachers

Ellen Dooley, Columnist April 12, 2022

Mental health in the school setting has been a widely talked about topic in recent years. With COVID-19, students were in the spotlight of how they were coping and handling the pandemic. But, during the...

Ellen Dooley

COLUMN: Hidden and open pride within schools 

Ellen Dooley, Columnist April 5, 2022

There are all forms of life that enter the public school system. There are so many diverse people from diverse lifestyles. But one that has been becoming less taboo in schools is students who identify...

Ellen Dooley

COLUMN: Childhoods and education lost to crime

Ellen Dooley, Columnist March 29, 2022

Crime has a lot of impacts in different areas of life. One of those areas is education. Whenever or wherever there is crime, there could be a possibility of disrupting the education of one or several people....

Ellen Dooley

COLUMN: Knowing how to party safe

Ellen Dooley, Columnist March 8, 2022

Ah yes, “everyone’s” favorite pseudo-holiday. For the majority of unofficial, most people were carrying on with their lives as they normally do. They were most likely studying or doing homework in...

Ellen Dooley

COLUMN: We owe it to female educators

Ellen Dooley, Columnist March 1, 2022

This Women’s History Month, we should be thanking the women who taught us. Although there are men who are educators, the teaching profession is mostly dominated by women. These women taught us everything...

Ellen Dooley

COLUMN: There should be better education about our leaders

Ellen Dooley, Columnist February 22, 2022

Every year in February, we hear about having this random Monday off. There is probably someone on television trying to sell you a new mattress or car too. Your primary school teachers probably made you...

Ellen Dooley

COLUMN: Why teachers are leaving the profession 

Ellen Dooley, Columnist February 15, 2022

There was recently a bill proposal going through Indiana state legislation. Indiana House Bill 1134 would require teachers to have a year worth of lesson plans done before the school year starts. They...

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