EDITORIAL: Happy holidays and enjoy winter break

Staff Editorial

We are once again at the end of a long, difficult semester. Every semester has its challenges and its ups and downs, but each of the last four have felt different and more stressful.

But once finals are out of the way, we at The Daily Eastern News encourage all Eastern students to truly enjoy their well-earned break.

It may not be a very long break, and for some it will feel ever shorter. That is why it is important to take as much time as you can over break to relax, unwind and try to let go of the stresses this semester may have caused.

Whether the semester went well for you, or if things could have gone better, we all deserve a break.

We have all pushed through another four months of college, and for that we should celebrate. Try to forget your grades and classes from this semester if you can, and do not think about next semester until you absolutely have to.

Enjoy time with family. Have fun over the holidays. Make a New Year’s resolution and then break it almost immediately. But most of all, just enjoy any time you have.