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STAFF EDITORIAL: Celebrate holidays by reflecting

Staff Editorial

April 21, 2019

There is no better way to celebrate a holiday than to be happy while doing so because a sad holiday celebration is not much of a celebration. So, in the spirit of keeping our spirits high at this stressful time, let us all look back on the semester and think about everything that we have overcome, b...

Idea’s for having a comfy break

Kate Rehwinkel, Columnist

December 3, 2018

Now that it is getting colder outside and winter is right around the corner, people are not going outside as often on campus unless they are headed to class. Students are taking shortcuts through buildings to get to their next class so they do not have to stay outside as long. I know I have cut t...

Enjoy the traditional spirit of giving

Jessica Stewart, Columnist

December 3, 2018

It’s Christmas time! This has always been my favorite time of year for many reasons. I love decorating the tree and making the house look magical. I love listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies that always have the same basic plot (I know, I know, but they make me happy). I love th...

Don’t ruin holiday celebrations with questions

Carole Hodorowicz, Columnist

November 14, 2018

I can see it now: my dining room decked out in fall hues of burnt oranges, warm yellows and deep greens. I can smell it already: homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, juicy slices of turkey and the subtle but delightful tartness of cranberry sauce. I can feel it: the food coma I will comfortably sli...

‘Tis (not) the season of Christmas cheer

Natalee Reynolds, Columnist

November 6, 2018

November is here, but it is not the time for Christmas cheer just yet. I don’t mean to rain (or snow) on your parade, because trust me, I also love the Christmas festivities and the joyous spirit—but it is not okay to start the festivities this soon. It’s only November, people. Every year, ...

Dining halls prepare for themed meals

Scotty Gilkey, Contributing Writer

March 19, 2018

Eastern’s dining halls “keep things fresh” with celebratory meals for holidays according to Gail Abrams-Aungst, associate director of Housing and Dining. Abrams-Aungst said these celebrations keep students excited and engaged. Director of Housing and Dining, Mark Hudson, said every two years,...

It is the thought that counts

Analicia Haynes, Managing Editor

November 30, 2017

With the holiday season in full bloom, I am sure plenty of us are scratching our heads and contemplating what special gift we can possibly give each of our loved ones. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding a gift, and if you are anything like me, I either find a million things to...

Don’t skip out on Thanksgiving

Ben Leman, Columnist

November 14, 2017

With the Christmas season in full swing and Black Friday just next week, it is time to get into the holiday spirit. Yes, it is time to start prepping full force for Christmas and totally disregard one of the most meaningful holidays celebrated. Or should I say most underappreciated. I am talking about Thanksgiving...

Eastern students preparing for holidays

Chrissy Miller, Campus Reporter

December 9, 2016

  With winter break right around the corner, students are getting in the holiday spirit and anticipating a few weeks away from schoolwork. Laura Renken, a freshman elementary education major, said creating her own glowing Christmas sweater made the holidays feel closer. Renken said her sweater...

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