EDITORIAL: Research Douglas Hall naming replacements

Editorial Staff

Eastern’s Naming Committee has begun the process of reviewing names suggested by University President David Glassman for their suitability.

As the committee begins to do their research, do not be afraid to do your own research.

While we at the Daily Eastern News are confident the committee will do their due diligence in this process, there is nothing wrong with learning more about Eastern’s history and the people Glassman believes could be worthy of naming honors at Eastern.

The line up consists of former Illinois Governor Edward Coles, former Eastern student and Tuskegee Airman Major Charles B. Hall, former Eastern student and former University President Louis V. Hencken, community members Ona and Kenneth Norton, Eastern’s first Black student Zella Powell and former Eastern professor William Ridgeway.

Each of these individuals are certainly worthy of naming honors at Eastern and would better represent Eastern and its values better than Stephen Douglas does.

Among them are a man who fought for abolishing slavery, the first Black man to shoot down a Nazi plane, a man who dedicated his career to Eastern and its students, a couple who open their homes to Black students at Eastern, a woman who came from a Black pioneer family to become Eastern’s first Black graduate and a man who worked to help Black students at Eastern and helped create Eastern’s first Black fraternity.

One of our campus’ greatest faults is not knowing enough about our history and who Eastern has chosen to honor throughout the years. Don’t let that happen as the committee takes steps to given Eastern a name that would truly honor Eastern and its values.

Eastern deserves the best representation, be a part of making sure former, current and future students get what they deserve.