Editorial: It’s time to take Sanders seriously

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won the Nevada democratic caucus, and by quite a large margin.

Sanders won with 29 percent of white voters, 51 percent of hispanics, 27 percent of blacks and 65 percent of voters under 30 years old.

He did not narrowly win in Nevada, but he won by a lot, a took large chunks of key demographics.

He won New Hampshire and barely lost in Iowa to Pete Buttigieg.

Sanders’ campaign is building a tremendous amount of momentum, his base of voters has grown significantly larger since 2016 and he is doing this while other candidates seem to be falling behind.

Love him or hate him, all indications are showing that Sanders may be the democratic nominee for President and it is time to start taking that reality seriously.

If you are a Sanders supporter, this should all be excellent news for you. If you do not like Sanders however, you definitely need to start taking his shot at candidacy very seriously.

You can campaign against him or do whatever you see fit to stop him if you do not like him or his liberal policies, but there is no more getting around the fact that Sanders is now a very, very strong favorite to win the nomination.

Since the 2016 election process and early  into the 2020 campaigns, Sanders was seen as kind of an afterthought to candidates like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and even dropout like Beto O’Rourke.

But as the voters in three states have shown us so far, Sanders should be considered far from a long shot or afterthought.

Sanders is serious and it is time for everyone, including the media to treat him as such.